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Eagle Cops

Smashing windows

Eagle Police were called to a downtown residence Oct. 26 when the occupant reported that the kitchen window at his second story apartment was broken and laying on the floor.

The responding officer asked if there were people in the area when the incident occurred, but the resident said he did not hear anyone. When officers examined the area, they did not find incriminating footprints but they did note the screen on the window had been ripped way.

The officers advised the resident to keep an eye out for suspicious activity in the area.

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Throwing rocks?

On Oct. 28, Eagle Police responded to a call from a motorist who reported that while she was driving northbound on Eby Creek Road at approximately 4:45 p.m., she heard a loud noise followed by her windshield shattering.

The motorist told officers the damage happened when a rock was either thrown from, or fell through the railroad bridge. When she pulled into a nearby service station immediately after the incident, she spotted a group of four to six juveniles running across the bridge and heading toward Fairgrounds Road. She was not able to provide a detailed description of the juveniles.

Officers canvassed the area, but did not locate any of the suspects.

Bike Stolen

On Oct. 29, an Eagle Ranch resident reported her BMX bike was stolen from the area near Founders Avenue.

The bike was left unsecured and the owner said she had last seen it three weeks ago. The bike is valued at $212.

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