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Eagle Cops

Road rage

A pickup truck driver who tailgated a sedan from Gypsum to the Sylvan Lake Road roundabout earned a ticket from the Eagle Police.

According to the report, the driver of the sedan called police while en route to town to say the pickup was tailgating her along U.S. Highway. The Eagle officer posted himself at the roundabout and waited for the vehicles to approach. When they did, the sedan driver began honking her horn and following the truck southbound on Sylvan Lake Road.

The officer pulled over the pickup and the sedan also pulled over. When he approached the pickup driver, she claimed the sedan was swerving as it traveled eastbound from Costco and that the driver was traveling at speeds around 10 mph and riding her brakes. The pickup driver also claimed she almost hit a rock in the road because of the erratic driving by the sedan, but when she tried to pass, the vehicle accelerated and would not allow her to get past.

The driver of the sedan said she first spotted the pickup when she stopped at the traffic light in Gypsum. She said the other driver started tailgating, honking her horn and making an obscene gesture. While the sedan driver initially planned to exit US6 at Jules Drive, she decided instead to report the other vehicle and continue to Eagle. She also claimed that when she reached the Sylvan Lake Road roundabout, the other driver threw something at her car. A passenger in the sedan backed up the story.

The Eagle officer found some loose change scattered in the roundabout area in the location where the sedan driver said the other motorist threw something. Additionally, he noted there was some paint chip damage on the side of the sedan.

The pickup driver denied throwing anything at the other vehicle, but the officer noted that the evidence supported the story the sedan driver told. He told the pickup driver she would be cited for criminal mischief and careless driving. At that point, the woman became argumentative and refused to sign the summons.

The officer asked the sedan driver to meet him at a nearby parking lot. As they proceeded to that location, the officer reported the pickup driver yelled “You better watch your back” to the other motorist. He called for backup and instructed the other Eagle officers on patrol to pull over the pick up driver again.

The second officer reported the pickup driver was verbally argumentative and that she was given “a firm verbal warning for intimidating a witness.”

The damage estimate for the sedan was $1,105. 68. .

Open containers

An Eagle Police officer stationed at the west Interstate 70 emergency turnaround that is located in the town limits pulled over a black car with a non-operational taillight.

When he contacted the driver, he noted the man was trying to conceal an open beer bottle. He also noticed a plastic container of what clearly appeared to be marijuana sitting on the passenger seat.

The officer asked the driver to produce his paper work and hand over the beer bottle. The driver complied and said he was not impaired. He consented to roadside maneuvers, which he passed. His driver’s license status was clear with no restrictions.

The man consented to a search of his vehicle, and several other open alcohol containers were found. He said the drinks belonged to friends who had been in his vehicle earlier. The containers were all dumped and the man was cited for his burnt out taillight and open container violations.

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