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Eagle Cops

Hit and Ran

Eagle Police were called to the 300 block of Broadway last week when a motorist reported another vehicle had hit her car.

The woman reported that she was backing out from a parking spot when a black pickup hit her. Both she and the other driver exited their vehicles and exchanged basic information. Then when the woman told the other driver she was going into a nearby business to use the telephone to call police and file an accident report, he got in his truck and left.

When the officer arrived, he took photos of the woman’s car and unsuccessfully canvassed the area to see if he could locate the pickup.

A couple of days later, the police department identified the suspect driver. An officer contacted the man, who resides in Gypsum and told him he would be cited for leaving the scene of the accident. The man said he thought everything was resolved because the other driver said “she was going to take care of it.” He noted there was no damage to his vehicle and said that he would pay for the damage to the other car.

Driving while intoxicated

An Eagle Police officer on patrol at approximately 2:30 a.m. saw a vehicle approach Second Street and Grand Avenue, stop at the stop sign and then proceed southbound on Wall Street. Then that same vehicle turned right on Fourth Street and then stopped again at Grand Avenue and turned left onto McIntyre Street. Ultimately the officer caught up with the driver when he was parked behind a Grand Avenue business.

Because of the curious driving pattern, the officer decided to speak with the driver. After he approached the car, the officer recognized the vehicle from a REDDI (Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately) call description from earlier that night.

The officer reported the driver had bloodshot, watery eyes and was slurring his speech. There was also a strong alcohol odor coming from the vehicle.

The driver produced his license, but could not find the vehicle registration and proof of insurance. He told the officer it was his father’s car. He said he came back to Eagle because the highway was closed.

About this time, the officer noticed another man approaching the car. The driver confirmed the other man was a family member. The officer noted the other man was visibly intoxicated, stumbling as he walked. The officer instructed the man to get back inside the car, but he replied he was never in the car. The officer note there were no footprints in the fresh snow on the passenger’s side of the vehicle.

The officer told the walking man he was not free to leave the area and to wait while he conducted a roadside sobriety test for the driver. Another officer arrived on the scene and was speaking with the second man, who began yelling at the driver and telling him not to cooperate with the roadside tests.

Eventually the second man was handcuffed and removed from the area. When the officer returned to the driver, the man said he would not comply with the tests, even after the officer explained Colorado Expressed Consent law.

The driver was taken to the jail without incident and cited for DUI. The other man was taken to a local hotel.

Vandals, maybe

The owner of an Eagle Ranch business called police last week to report that the glass front door at her business was shattered.

Upon inspection, the officer determined that the outside pane of glass was broken, but the inside panel was intact. Upon examination of the door, the officer could not determine if the glass was damaged by vandals or if recent cold temperatures were the culprit.

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