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Eagle Cops

Unwelcome ‘guest’

The manager of a local motel contacted Eagle Police to report a suspicious person inside the lodge.

The manager noted the man was not a paying guest at the lodge. He provided a description of the individual, saying he was approximately 5 feet, 10 inches tall with shaggy black hair wearing black clothing and red shoes.

When the officer arrived, the manager said the suspicious man had left. Together with a deputy from the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, the Eagle officer canvassed the area and located a man matching the description provided by the motel manager at a nearby convenience store. The officer and the deputy recognized the individual from a trespassing report filed earlier in the week by another Eagle motel.

The police report noted the man was quiet and would not look the officer in the eye during the incident. “He also continually referred to me as ‘dude,” noted the officer’s report.

When asked why he was hanging out at the motel when he had already been warned about trespassing, the man could not provide an answer. He was cited for criminal trespassing and advised not to enter a local motel if he had no intention of renting a room. He was also advised that if he was found trespassing again, he would be taken to jail.

Litter bug

An Eagle Police officer was walking in front of Town Hall when he saw a man toss an empty drink can on the sidewalk across the street. The individual was familiar to police from an incident reported the previous week where he was hanging out at a local motel without paying for a room.

The officer approached the man about his behavior and he replied he was “Just having fun.” The man claimed he was looking for work at a closed business along Broadway. The officer explained he was going to issue a ticket for littering and escorted the man across the street toward the police department office.

The officer noted he had hold of the man’s right arm, and that the man pulled away. The officer instructed the man to sit down on the wall in front of town hall while another officer was called to the scene. The man began to argue with the officer and the police report noted that he was getting louder and more aggressive. “For his safety and mine, he was handcuffed,” the officer wrote in the police report.

The officer then escorted the now-cooperative man to the police department. The man could not provide any form of identification. The officer noted during the encounter the man was acting oddly. The police report noted he had dilated pupils and slurred speech and that he was unable to sit still.

The man was cited for littering and released.

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