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Eagle Cops

Signal alert

An officer on routine patrol around 10:15 p.m. last week noticed a vehicle failed to make a turn signal at the intersection of Second Street and U.S. Highway 6/Grand Avenue.

The officer caught up with the vehicle at the intersction of Broadway and Grand Ave and began to follow the car. The driver turned right at Capitol Street, but again failed to use a turn signal.

Around the 700 block of Capitol, the police report states that the vehicle crossed over the double yellow line and then failed to stop at the intersection of Capitol and Brush Creek Road. The officer then intiated a traffic stop.

When he contacted the driver, she maintained whe was driving slowly and safely. She handed over her driver’s license but noted she had taken her vehicle registration out of her car to complete her taxes. She showed a proof of insurance on her phone. But the officer reported he smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle.

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The driver agreed to perform roadside sobriety maneuvers, but she did not pass the tests. She admined she had been drinking earlier in the evening to celebrate her boyfriend’s birthday. She agreed to perform a breath test and the result showed a blood alcohol count of .097, higher than the .08 level which defines driving under the influence.

She was cited for DUI, faillure to stop at a stop sign and weaving.

Skateboard scuffle

On Feb. 26, an officer on foot patrol along Broadway saw a juvenile male riding a skateboard along Second Street. The officer told the youth not to ride in the roadway.

The skateboarder exited the street without comment, but while the officer was talking with another party, another youth yelled “please.” The officer responded that he had told the skateboarder to stop rather than writing a ticket, and that his direction was not a request. The youth then yelled an obscenity and the officer went over to talk with him.

The officer explained what constituted disorderly conduct/disturbing the peace. He asked for the youth’s name, and the young man asked if he was being detained or if he was free to leave. The officer said he was being detained, but he youth turned to walk away. The officer grabbed his backpack and turned him around. The youth asked to record the rest of the conversation, and the officer agreed.

Once the youth started recording with his phone, the officer explained why he had detained the youth and asked for his name. The youth answered, and then the officer told him he was free to leave. The officer said the young man acted defiant and disrespectful during the encounter, but he was not cited.

Miscellaneous mischief

Police responded to the Eagle River Center parking lot Feb. 20 on a report of a vehicle on its side. When officers arrived, they found a teenage driver and three of his friends outside of the car. The driver admitted he was doing doughnuts in the dirt area when he rolled his vehicle. The youths were checked by the ambulance crew and reported no injuries. Colorado State Patrol was called in to investigate the accident.

An officer contacted a visibly intoxicated man at 2 a.m. Feb. 21 at the intersection of Brush Creek Road and Capitol Street. The man refused to produce his identification and the officer placed him in handcuffs and took him to his patrol car. The officer told the man he was being detained because of concerns for his safety. Once he had the man in custody, the officer found his drivner license. The officer was able to locate a friend who agreed to care of the man for the night.

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