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Right though the roundabout

A driver exiting Interstate 70 at Eagle April 7 was spotted speeding up the off ramp before plowing through the newly constructed roundabout and colliding with another vehicle traveling on the western side of the traffic circle.

When the Eagle Police officer arrived on the scene around 6:15 p.m., he found an SUV with extensive front end damage and pickup truck with significant damage to the driver’s side door. The truck driver said he had come off the I-70 westbound exit when the other car barreled up the ramp, drove over the roundabout curb and struck him. The truck driver was complaining about a possible head injury and said he could smell alcohol on the other driver. The officer called an ambulance crew to the scene.

A road construction worker in the area witnessed the accident and backed up the truck driver’s account. Additionally, the witness said the driver of the SUV initially acted as though she planned to leave the area, but then drove onto the curb instead.

When he spoke to the SUV driver, the officer reported the woman said she “may have been traveling too fast” when she came off the exit ramp. She did not report any injuries. While speaking with her, the officer reported a strong smell of alcohol emanating from the vehicle. He also reported the woman had bloodshot, watery eyes and slightly slurred speech. When asked if she had been drinking, the woman said she had consumed one beer, approximately five hours earlier. She agreed to perform roadside maneuvers.

After she failed the roadside tests, the officer placed her under arrest for driving while impaired. The woman elected to take a blood test and was taken to Vail Valley Medical Center.

When the officer returned with her to Eagle around 8:15 p.m. the woman agreed to answer additional questions. She said she had consumed two, 12-ounce beers between noon and 3 p.m. with her lunch. She said the alcohol may have had a “slight” effect on her driving and roadside tests.

She was ticked for DUI and careless driving.

Not welcome

Eagle Police were called to a local bar when a banned patron started causing problems.

When the officer arrived, he learned the suspect had fled the scene by skateboard, headed toward U.S. Highway 6. The officer couldn’t locate the man, but other patrons provided his name so the officer proceeded to his address. At the residence, the suspect’s father stated he was not home and he did not know his son’s whereabouts.

Back at the bar, the officer spoke with the bartender who said the man showed up earlier that evening and wanted to sing karaoke. He was told he was not allowed inside, so he left the building but proceeded to cause problems with patrons as they exited the bar. One of the patrons hit the man with her purse after he shoved her and began to push some of her friends. She noted she had never seen the man before.

Later during the officer’s shift he heard a report that an Eagle County Sheriff’s deputy had spotted the man at a local convenience store. The officer arrived on the scene and found the man was visibly intoxicated and also smelled of marijuana. The man said he was skating by the bar when he began talking to a girl and smoking a cigarette. He said her boyfriend then joined the conversation but all of the sudden the girl “attacked him.”

The man agreed to blow on a Preliminary Breath Testing Device, and his breath alcohol count was .074, which the officer noted was inconsistent with his level of intoxication. The man then admitted that he also smoked five joints during a five-hour period.

The officer told the man he was prohibited from entering the bar and placed him in custody for disorderly conduct. He was taken to the Eagle County jail for a protective hold.

The officer explained to the man that if he returned to the bar, he would be arrested for trespassing.

Not for rent

A local homeowner contacted Eagle Police after receiving a call from a woman who said she was interested in renting her home. The homeowner said her homes is for sale, but she had not advertised it for rent.

The officer contacted the other woman, who said she found the rent listing on Craig’s List and had been in contact with another person regarding the house. The man who placed the rental ad would not allow the woman inside the residence and she became suspicious when she drove to the address and saw the house was for sale.

The woman noted she had not signed any paperwork or exchanged any money with the man who listed the house for rent. She forwarded her email correspondence regarding the listing to the police. In the email exchange, the man claimed he was renting the house because he planned to go to Malaysia for three to four years. The officer noted the correspondence was an obvious scam.

The homeowner’s real estate agent took measures to have the false ad removed from Craig’s List.

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