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Eagle Cops


Eagle Police were called to the Eby Creek Road construction area to investigate a traffic accident.

When the officer arrived, he spoke with the driver of a vehicle that had been rear-ended. The driver said he had to stop suddenly when a flagger directed him to and then a pickup truck behind him slammed into his vehicle. The man said traffic was moving slowly before he was stopped and claimed the pickup driver had been tailgating him.

When the officer spoke with the pickup truck driver, the man said he was simply traveling behind the other vehicle when it suddenly stopped. The truck driver said he did not have time to react and so he ran into the back of the other vehicle.

The officer asked the truck driver how closely he was following the other car and the man stated “the usual” and demonstrated by stretching out his arms. He was then cited for following too closely, but he refused to sign the summons saying he didn’t believe he was at fault in the accident because other driver had stopped so suddenly.

Warrant arrest

An Eagle Police officer on foot patrol near the Eagle Regional Visitor Information Center spotted a local man who he suspected had an active arrest warrant.

After confirming the warrant out of Eagle County Court for failure to appear, the officer approached the man at the edge of the open space near the river. The officer reported the man was very nervous as he explained the warrant and placed him in handcuffs. At that point the man began to breath heavily and shake. He told the officer he was worried about being in an enclosed space if he was transported to the jail. The officer removed the handcuffs and allowed the man to sit down and calm himself.

The man called his father to collect his belongings. The father agreed to follow the officer to the jail to make bond arrangements. The man was then transported without further incident.

Miscellaneous Mischief

Eagle Police were called to a local bar when a bail bondsman tracked a man to the location. The bail bondsman asked the officer to search the man and check to make sure that he was handcuffed correctly. The officer performed the check and the man was taken to jails without incident.

An Eagle couple called police to complain that someone had put beer kegs on top of their vehicle overnight. The couple resides near a local bar. No damage was reported.

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