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Sober when he wrecked?

A black pickup truck parked along the 200 block of Broadway that showed damage to the driver’s side door with the driver’s side mirror hanging by a wire drew the attention of Eagle Police Dec. 3.

When officers arrived on the scene, they noted the driver’s side window appeared to have been tampered with and the front passenger side tire was deflated with a damaged rim. The officers noted it appeared as though the truck had been driven on the rim for a substantial distance.

After checking the license plate information with dispatch, there was no record associated with the vehicle. The search showed the truck owner lived in Grand Junction, but the vehicle displayed dealer tags, so it appeared the truck was traded in. Officers were unsuccessful in trying to locate the dealer and because there was no records found, they decided to process the truck as stolen.

Officers photographed the damage and fingerprinted the vehicle. As they were sealing the truck doors with evidence tape, a man approached the officers and stated the truck belonged to him.

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The 23-year-old owner said he was driving through the Eagle roundabouts when he slipped on ice and crashed. The officer noted the weather had been clear for several days and no ice had been present on the roads. The man appeared to be hungover, and he had bloodshot watery eyes and smelled of alcohol.

When the officer asked if he had been drinking when the crash occurred, the man said he hadn’t started drinking until after the accident. When asked why he didn’t report the crash, the man said it happened late at night. The officer noted that police work 24/7, and offered the opinion that the man was intoxicated when he crashed. The driver again insisted he was sober when he wrecked the truck.

He was issued a citation for failure to notify police about an accident.

Gas Skip

Eagle Police were called to a local gas station/convenience store Dec. 4 on a report of a motorist driving off without paying $42.32 he owed for fuel.

The manager on duty provided a vehicle description and while the officer was watching surveillance video, he received a radio call from an Eagle County Sheriff’s deputy who reported he had spotted a vehicle that matched the description of the vehicle from the Eagle gas skip. The deputy said the vehicle had stopped in the middle of Interstate 70, 14 miles west of town. The deputy reported the driver was not responding to commands.

The Eagle officer left the station and was en route to assist the deputy when he received a radio call from the deputy reporting that the situation had been resolved. He returned to the station to finish watching the surveillance video. The video showed the suspect exit his vehicle, pump gas and drive off. The manger confirmed the suspect entered the vehicle that left without paying.

The Eagle officer contacted the deputy to confirm the stopped vehicle was sought in connection with the gas skip. While deputies were on the scene, they found a passenger in the vehicle had an active warrant and they transported him to the Eagle County Jail. The driver and a third passenger were escorted back to the gas station.

The driver told police that he was traveling from Minnesota to Las Vegas. He stated he pulled into the gas station while his traveling companions were sleeping and he didn’t want to wake them. He pumped the gas and didn’t have money to pay for it so he drove away.

The driver was cited for petty theft.

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