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Uninvited guest

Eagle Police were called to a local home Jan. 10 when the owner heard his front door open and close and then found a highly intoxicated man asleep in his living room.

When the officer arrived, he found the man wrapped in a sleeping bag, clad only in his underwear. His wallet was located in the pocket of his pants, found on the floor nearby. The officer woke up the sleeping man and asked him why he was inside the house. The man said he was trying to get to a friend’s home.

The homeowner said that the person the intoxicated man was looking for is his next door neighbor. The homeowner said he didn’t want to press charges, but he wanted the man removed from his residence.

An Eagle County Sheriff’s deputy contacted the next door neighbor. A woman answered the door and stated that the man had been out drinking with her husband, who had returned home in a highly intoxicated state. She agreed to take in the other man and apologized for his actions.

The homeowner was advised to lock his door in the future.

Suspicious visitor

Eagle Police were called to investigate a vandalism case at a local motel Jan. 9.

A witness told the officer she had just pulled into a nearby parking lot when she hear something and turned around to see a woman pounding on the windshield of a parked vehicle. When the woman saw she was being watched, she jumped off the car and fled the area. She got inside another car, where the witness said the doors were open and a number of people were watching as the vandalism occurred.

The officer was able to find the vandalized vehicle’s owner, who was staying at the local hotel. She said she was visiting Eagle because she planned to go skiing with some friends. The woman said she didn’t know anyone in the area and hadn’t told anyone where she was staying.

When the officer ran the woman’s information through dispatch, her license came back as suspended. The woman said a friend had driven her up to Eagle, dropped her off and then headed back to Denver with her boyfriend.

When asked if she had any idea who might have vandalized her car, the woman mentioned a female named Jessica and provided the officer with a phone number. The officer spoke with the woman’s friend, who confirmed she had driven the car up to Eagle and dropped off the woman. She said her friend decided to come to Eagle for a couple of days because she had been fighting with her mother. When he asked the friend why the woman chose to visit Eagle when she doesn’t know anyone in the community, the friend could not provide an answer.

The officer checked out the phone number the woman provided for a potential suspect and it tracked to a female on an escort rating site. The suspect’s description matched the picture on the website. Attempts to contact the suspect were unsuccessful and Vail Police were notified about potential escort/prostitution activity in the area. Because of the evidence uncovered in the investigation, the officer noted it was reasonable to suspect the victim was also involved in illegal escort/prostitution activity.

Damage to the vehicle included a smashed windshield, four slashed tires and corn syrup poured into the gas tank.

Miscellaneous Mischief

On Jan. 4 at around midnight, an Eagle officer was walking out of the back door to the police department when he saw a suspicious person in the alley behind Eagle Town Hall. The suspect was unzipping her pants and squatting down. A mountain bike was on the ground beside the woman and she admitted she was urinating, saying, “I really had to go when you have to go you have to go.” The officer asked she why she didn’t use the bathroom at the bar she just left and ticketed her for disorderly conduct.

The principal at Eagle Valley Middle School contacted police when the school custodian located a brown paper bag containing a small bottle of Iodine Tincture, a glass test tube and a plastic bottle. The principal said she didn’t know any science projects going on involving the items, so she decided to turn them over to authorities.

A local man reported Jan. 16 that he thought he had been the victim of a fraud phishing. Upon investigation, police determined that the call came from a local insurance agent, who also though he was being scammed. The officer noted that neither man appeared to be victims, but rather just two individuals who were concerned about scams.

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