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Revolver recovered

A deputy from the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office contacted Eagle Police recently after a gun was turned in by a citizen and then a subsequent check of the weapon’s serial number revealed it had been stolen.

The chrome .357 Smith & Wesson revolver was reported as stolen in 2013. The deputy said the man who turned it in found it wrapped in a part of thermal pants about a quarter of a mile north on Trail Gulch Road near Gypsum. The deputy turned over the gun, a brown leather holster and a pair of “pepper” brand thermal cotton pants. The deputy noted the gun was not load when he received it.

The deputy and the town officer attempted to dust the weapon for fingerprints, but were not able to find any due to the long time exposure to the elements.

After taking possession of the gun, the Eagle officer contacted the man who filed the theft report. He confirmed he had been missing a revolver since 2013. The officer told the owner where the gun was found, and the man said he would not have brought it to that location.

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The Eagle Police removed the computer listing that identified the weapon as stolen and the owner contacted the officer to find out how he could retrieve the gun. The office completed a background check on the owner and found a non extraditable, failure to appear warrant from Idaho. The report also noted the man had an extensive criminal history but there were no known reports of the gun being used in any crime.

The gun has been processed and placed in evidence at the Eagle Police Department.


Eagle Police were called to a local bar at 11:15 p.m. when a visibly intoxicated female patron refused to leave the premises.

When the officers arrived, they found a woman in front of the business, visibly upset and crying. When the officers attempted to speak with her she would not respond. After the officers asked her name and for identification, the woman asserted that she was being treated unfairly because she was “brown.”

The woman became agitated and began throwing her arms around. The officers then stood her up and placed her in handcuffs.

The officers were eventually able to retrieve her identification. The woman said she was just trying to have a good time when she was thrown out of the bar. As she was speaking with the officer, she became more upset and began crying uncontrollably.

One of the officers spoke with the bartender who said he did not want to press charges against the woman, but he planned to ban her from the business for three months. The officer then spoke to one of the woman’s friends, who agreed to take her home. The woman was released to her friend and the officers could hear her yelling as the two left the area headed east on Interstate 70.

Parking skirmish

Eagle Police were called to a downtown business when a dispute over parking turned into verbal harassment.

An Eagle woman said she had planned to have lunch with her son at a downtown restaurant when she saw a truck blocking her car. She went inside an adjacent business to see if the owner or anyone inside knew who owned the truck. The business owner pointed out the truck owner.

The woman confronted the truck owner, telling him he wasn’t allowed to park where he did because it is private property. She said the man then began yelling profanities at her.

The officer interviewed employees at the business who supported the woman’s story and confirmed that the truck owner has a temper.

When they contacted the truck owner, the man said he parked where he did because a delivery truck was taking up all the available spaces and he didn’t want to block the truck from leaving. He maintained he had only been parked in the spot for about five minutes when the woman told him to move his vehicle. The man said the woman threatened to call the police if he parked in the spot again. He admitted that he yelled at the woman, but said she also yelled at him.

The man was cited for harassment.

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