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Eagle Cops

Roundabout wreck

Last week Eagle Police were called to the scene of a reported hit-and-run accident at north Interstate 70 roundabout on Eby Creek Road.

When the officer arrived, he met up with the driver of a SUV who said that the other party involved had returned to the scene. The SUV driver said she was in the right lane of the I-70 off ramp, preparing to make a right turn when a semi truck in the left lane drifted into her lane and hit her vehicle. The woman said the truck driver then proceeded through the roundabout and drove away from the area.

The woman maintained that she was in her lane when the accident occurred and the front bumper and grille from her car war torn off the vehicle. There were also dents and scratches on the driver’s side of her vehicle.

The woman provided contact information from another motorist who witnessed the accident. When police contacted the witness, he verified the woman’s account. The witness said he was behind the truck in the left lane. He said the truck was taking up both lanes of the off ramp and that several vehicles passed the semi on the right side. When the woman attempted to pass on the right, the semi entered the roundabout and the back tires of the trailer hit the woman’s SUV.

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The witness told police he believed the truck driver did not realize that he hit a car and that’s why he kept going. The witness caught up to the truck driver when he stopped along Sawatch Road and the driver then returned to the scene of the accident.

When the officer spoke with the truck driver, he stated that he had to use two lanes to make the Eby Creek Road roundabout turn to travel southbound. The driver said the SUV was in his blind spot and he did not see the car or realize he hit it.

The truck driver was ticketed for careless driving.

Sticky fingers

Eagle Police were called to City Market last week when a customer was seen shoplifting a $14.99 pack of batteries.

The store’s surveillance tape shows the woman grabbing a pack of batteries and placing them on top of a newspaper that was laying across the top of her purse. She then walked down a store aisle where she could be seen putting the batteries in the back pocket of her pants. From there she walked toward a different aisle where she moved the batteries from her pocket and placed them in her purse, zipping the bag shut.

The woman continued shopping and approached the registers where she purchased several items. She then went to the customer service desk and made another purchase. She did not offer to pay for the batteries during the transactions.

When she left the store, the store’s loss prevention officer contacted the woman. He escorted her back inside to his office and he called police.

The woman was cited for petty theft and released.

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