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Eagle Cops

No fishing

Eagle Police responded to an Aug. 17 complaint from a man who said a fisherman had illegally caught a fish while trespassing across his property.

According to the police report, the officer caught up with the fisherman while he was walking down the river near the U.S. Highway 6 bridge near Nogal Road. The man said he had parked his vehicle and accessed the Eagle River on the west side of the bridge. He began walking east along the river and along the way he caught a number of fish. While he was fishing, a hole near the bank, he caught a large fish that he “had to keep since it swallowed the hook.”

The man said he saw “no trespassing” signs posted on a fence located on the other side of the river bank. He told the officer he figured the property on the other side of the fence was private. As he continued to walk up the river, he was approached by the property owner who reportedly asserted the large fish was his property because the fisherman was trespassing.

The fisherman disputed the man’s trespassing claim, but he did leave the fish. The property owner then contacted police and he and two friend followed the fisherman as he left the area.

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The officer who spoke with the property owner noted that while no trespassing signs were posed, the signs did not clearly indicate the river way and river banks were private property. He also told the property owner that he could not claim any fish caught in the area as his property. The property owner told the officer he did not want to pursue charges in the case.

When the officer spoke to the fisherman, he was told to take more care when fishing along the river. The officer suggested he visit the Eagle Information Center to get advice about open fishing areas.

Vandals strike park rest rooms

Vandals spray painted the walls of the women’s rest rooms at Brush Creek Park and Eagle Town Park Aug. 19.

Police officers discovered the crimes between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m.

According to the police report, similar messages were painted at both sites. Anyone with information about the vandals can contact the Eagle Police Department at 970-328-6351.

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