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Eagle Cops


Eagle Police were called to Eagle Valley Middle School Sept. 17 when a student reported her new iPhone had been stolen.

The student told police the phone had been take from the girls locker room at the school while she was at volleyball practice. She had showed a friend a photo on her phone, placed it in her backpack and then piled her clothing on top. She did not place her belongings in a locked locker.

When she returned to the locker room after practice, the student could not find her phone. The volleyball coach attempted to help her find the device using GPS and the two thoroughly searched the locker room to no avail.

On Sept. 23, a second student reported an iPhone theft from the EVMS girls locker room.

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On Sept. 26, an Eagle police officer spoked with the entire volleyball team. Because the sole locker room access is through the gym when practice is conducted, the officer learned that players don’t always lock up their belongings. The officer urged the team members to secure their belongings and be aware of people entering the gym and the locker room while they are practicing so they can report any suspicious activity.

The girls were urged to contact Crime Stoppers if they had any information about the thefts.

Ill-advised entertainment

An Eagle Police officer on patrol near the Sunset View Cemetery was disturbed to see a SUV driving through the area with a young child riding on the hood of the car.

The officer stopped the vehicle at the bottom of the hill and told the driver that allowing her 5-year-old daughter to sit on the hood while the car was in motion was extremely dangerous. The driver said she was sorry, but that “her daughter really liked it.”

The driver was cited for reckless endangerment.

Shoplifting Part I

On Sept. 14, Eagle Police were dispatched to City Market on a shoplifting complaint.

When the officer arrived, the store’s loss prevention officer said while he was monitoring a customer, he observed her purchase prescription medication at the store pharmacy. The customer received a plastic grocery bag from the pharmacy clerk and then she returned to the store and ultimately placed $50.79 of merchandise – including various cosmetics, two heads of cabbage and a floral arrangement – in the bag. The customer then attempted to leave without paying for the items.

The loss prevention officer provided a copy of the video surveillance showing the woman’s actions.

The woman said she only had $40 and she could not pay for the items and still purchase a birthday cake for her child. She told the officer it was the first time she had tried to take items without paying for them and that she was sorry for her actions.

She was cited for petty theft.

Shoplifting Part II

On Sept. 9, Eagle Police were sent to City Market on a shoplifting complaint.

The store’s loss prevention officer said he observed a customer place four bottles of vitamins in her purse while she was in the store. When she came to the checkout, she paid for other groceries but not the items in her purse. The value of the merchandize was $64.04

The woman said she did not know why she attempted to steal the vitamins. She noted that she was experiencing financial difficulties but that she did not need to resort to theft.

She was cited for theft and released.

Town Park vandalism

Vandalism at both the women’s and men’s restrooms at Eagle Town Park was reported Sept. 7 and 8. Explicit pictures and descriptions were written on the walls using permanent marker. “The evidence is very similar to previous cases occurring at the public restrooms of the town parks this year. All of the cases appear to have been done by the same offender,” the police report noted.

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