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Eagle Cops

Dog dispute

A dispute over the community’s dog leash law resulted in a call to Eagle Police.

When the officer arrived at the area near the Brush Creek Pavilion, he was greeted by another Eagle cop and an Eagle County Animal Control officer. The animal control officer’s had engaged the flashing lights on his vehicle and a female who was pushing a stroller was jogging away from the area.

The animal control officer said he had attempted to talk with the jogger about her dog being off leash, and she had taken off running.

The Eagle officer drove his patrol car to the area east of the Eagle Valley Medical Center and then started driving up the bike path. He turned on his overhead lights and when the female jogger approached, she stopped.

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The policeman noted the woman had two children in the stroller and an off-leash dog. The woman stated that her dog was under voice control. She acknowledged that she had been contacted by someone who said he was with animal control, but said she was frightened by the contact and did not want to share her name with the officer.

The policeman responded that the animal control officer was in uniform and had a marked animal control vehicle nearby. The woman’s husband arrived on the scene and the couple agreed to speak with the animal control officer.

The officer said he saw the woman running with her off-leash dog and stopped her to speak with her about the violation. He also noted that the dog did not have its required tags. The animal control officer said he asked for the woman’s name so he could check for previous warnings because if she did not have a history of violations, he planned to give her a verbal warning. However, he said she refused to give her name and then left the area in the middle of his inquiry. That was when he called for police support.

The woman received a citation for having her dog off leash and a warning about obstruction of government operations.

Dentist Damage

Eagle Police were called to a local dentist office when staff arriving for work found the office front window had been shattered.

The officer noted that an exterior landscape brick, that was broken in half, was positioned at the bottom of the broken window. The safety glass was completely shattered with a $1,100 repair estimate.

Office staff members said they closed down at 6:20 p.m. the previous day and the window was intact. While the glass was shattered, there did not appear to be any attempted break-in at the office.

The police report noted that business-window vandalism is rare in Eagle, but on the night when the dentist office vandalism occurred two businesses on Broadway also reported broken windows. The officer spoke with nearby residents and checked video surveillance footage from one of the vandalized properties. The video showed a suspect breaking one window and heading in the direction of a second one. After viewing the footage, the officer identified a suspect.

When contacted, the suspect stated he wanted to speak with an attorney before talking to police.

Makeup theft

Eagle Police were called to City Market when the store’s loss prevention officer spotted a female customer concealing makeup in her purse before entering the store restroom.

When the Eagle officer arrived, the suspect was at the customer service counter. The officer noted she appeared to be tense and nervous. The loss prevention officer contacted the woman, asking her to pay for the items concealed inside her purse. She reportedly stated she only took a few things and she offered to pay for them.

The Eagle officer advised the woman about her rights and asked her about the attempted theft. She said she did have enough money to pay for the items but it was easier to steal them. The total value of the items found in the woman’s possession was $31.21.

She was cited for shoplifting.

Miscellaneous Mischief

An officer on patrol noted that the stop sign at Brush Creek Road and Sylvan Lake Road was vandalized. Obscene figures were spray-painted on the sign.

A local man reported losing his wallet at an Eagle Ranch business. He said he had his wallet at noon after purchasing lunch, but discovered it missing around 2:30 p.m. when he left work. The wallet contained $120 in cash and several credit cards, which the man reported he had cancelled.

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