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Eagle Cops

Demanded a ride

An Eagle woman called police after an intoxicated stranger approached her vehicle, demanded a ride and then became belligerent when she refused.

The woman, who was visibly upset by the encounter, was parked in the downtown Eagle area around 8:30 p.m. Her young daughter was inside the car when the man approached the right passenger side of her vehicle and commanded the woman to give him a ride. When she refused, the man began yelling profanities and he repeatedly attempted to open the vehicle door. The woman prevented him from gaining access to the car by locking the doors, but she reported he was screaming and acting violent.

The woman told officers that the man then pulled down his pants, walked over to a grassy area by the curb and began urinating. He then walked away.

The police report notes that shortly before the call, officers responded to a trespassing complaint at a nearby bar. After speaking to the woman, the officers located the man identified in the trespass complaint and the woman identified him as the man who confronted her.

The man was arrested and charged with public indecency, harassment, criminal attempt and first degree trespass.

Donation dipping

The Thrifty Shop in Eagle called police when they spotted a patron lifting items from the outdoor donation area.

The story manager said an employee witnessed a customer looking through the outdoor donation containers. The employee advised the woman that she was not allowed to take items from the piles, but she continued with her actions.

The manager showed police surveillance footage showing the woman taking a ride-on toy and other items and placing them in the bed of her truck. The video shows the conversation between the woman and the employee and then depicts her continuing to look through containers and then leaving the area.

Police ultimately contacted the woman a couple of days later. She said that while she was dropping off items at the Thrifty Shop, she met a man who was also making donations. She said he told her if she wanted them, she could have any of the items he was donating, so she went home and returned with her truck to haul the items. She said once she started collecting the items she wanted, the employe told her to stop because if other people saw her actions, they would think it was acceptable to go through the containers.

The officer informed the woman she would be charged with petty theft and she offered to bring the times back, saying she hadn’t even taken them out of her truck. The officer told her to contact the store to make return arrangements and informed her she was banned from the facility in the future.

Miscellaneous Mischief

Eagle Police were called to City Market when a woman was spotted placing an $8.48 container of makeup in her front pants pocket and then trying to leave the store without paying for the item. When confronted by the loss prevention officer, the woman claimed the incident was a misunderstanding and than she did not realize she put the makeup in her pocket. She told police her actions were “stupid” and agreed to pay for the item. The woman said she was experiencing family and money problems.

Eagle County Clerk and Recorder Teak Simonton reported an individual had called her office and badgered an employee and then herself with bizarre and incomprehensible questions. Police made note of the caller’s information and Simonton said she will work on a plan to have the man barred from visiting the county office or calling employees.

A around 10 p.m., an Eagle officer was sent to the park and ride bus shelter along Fairground Road on a report of an intoxicated party. When the officer arrived, he found a man sleeping in the structure. The man said he had fallen down and the officer could smell a strong order of alcohol emanating from his person. The man voluntarily agreed to a breath test and his alcohol level was .249, more than three times the legal limit for DUI. Paramedics were called to the scene and the man was transported to Vail Valley Medical Center.

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