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Eagle Cops

Fare Skip

A commercial taxi driver contacted Eagle Police recently after a customer failed to pay his $65 fare

The driver said he picked up a man at Edwards who asked for a ride to Eagle. The driver informed the man the fare would be about $75, and the customer agreed to the amount. Once the cab arrived at the Eagle address the customer specified, the man handed the driver $10 and said he needed to go inside his house to get the rest of the money. The driver waited for approximately 20 minutes and the customer did not come back with the cash. The driver then called police.

When an officer arrived, the driver gave a description of the customer and provided a telephone number the man had given. When officers called the number, they reached a recording that said a voice mailbox had not yet been established.

Drunk and confused

Eagle Police were called to a local convenience store during the early morning hours of April 20 to help out with a visible intoxicated woman who was emotional and confused.

According to the police report, an ECO bus driver called officers after a passenger exited his vehicle at Eagle. He said the woman had taken a backpack that did not belong to her and she had told him she did not know where she lived.

When the Eagle officer spoke with the woman, she said she lived in three different neighborhoods around Eagle. She also repeatedly said she needed her cell phone and repeatedly searched her coat pockets and the backpack that did not belong to her in an attempt to find it. The officer reported that the woman was visibly intoxicated and she was very emotional, crying at times and acting agitated at other times.

The officer encouraged the woman to go inside the convenience store because it was cold outside. A store clerk offered her some coffee and some food, but she did not eat the items. She was unable to name a friend who could some and get her.

The woman told the officer she had consumed two glasses of wine and one shot, but a preliminary breath test showed her blood alcohol level as .350 — more than four times the legal limit for DUI.

Because her BAC was so high, the officer called for an ambulance. The emergency crew opted to take the woman to the hospital and Eagle officers made several subsequent attempts to follow up regarding her backpack issue.

Miscellaneous Mischief

Officers were called to a home on April 13 when the woman inside reported there was a man banging on her back door. When they arrived, they found a visibly intoxicated man at the site, who said he thought he was at his residence, which is located nearby. Because of his intoxicated state, officers told him he would have to go to a detox center or be released to the custody of a sober person. The man was taken to his residence and a sober party was located.

A resident of The Bluffs area reported that two UPS packages were stolen from in front of his home on April 16. UPS tracking showed that three packages were delivered to the address but a package containing a guide valued at $99.99 and a guitar stand valued at $8.99 were missing.

Officers responded to a report of a fight in progress at a local bar on April 12. The three individuals reportedly involved in the altercation refused to press charges and the man accused of starting the fight has been barred from the establishment.

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