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Eagle County cops report

A tale of two thefts

Two property owners outside Red Cliff reported cases of theft that happened between Sept. 7 and Sept. 14, and appear to be related.

One man said the chain to the front gate of his property was cut and a trailer for a four-wheeler was missing.

The neighboring property owner reported a missing Yamaha Big Bear four-wheeler worth $5,000. A Home Depot generator worth $700, a Weber gas grill worth $200, antique skis worth $200 and a small shovel worth $25 were also stolen.

A narrow footbridge was the primary access to the second man’s property. Items such as the grill cover were found in the river below and a small cart appeared to have been used for hauling the generator away. The bridge was too narrow for the four-wheeler, however, and tracks led off in another direction.

What happens in Vegas sometimes leaves Vegas

Deputies stopped a 2014 Mercedes with temporary license tags for speeding on U.S. Highway 6 in Edwards Sept. 14.

The 31-year-old driver had a Louisiana license and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. Officers also saw marijuana paraphernalia in the glove box as he searched for proof of insurance, which he never found.

The man said he was going to California to catch a flight to Philadelphia for a business trip. He planned to leave his new Mercedes at a dealership and would not return for it. He said the trip started when he and his girlfriend left Louisiana to get married in Las Vegas. They decided not to get married when they arrived in Vegas and his girlfriend was detained by police thereafter for unspecified reasons. When his girlfriend was released, the man drove her to Denver so she could fly back to Louisiana. He stayed a few days and was unable to find a flight to Philadelphia so he started driving to California – “where the weather was better” – in hopes of catching a flight there. Deputies noted the man would pass several major airports along the way.

The man was arrested for DUI, speeding and failure to provide proof of insurance.

Stolen collector cards

A 58-year-old Gypsum resident said eight collectible cards worth $25 to $75 each went missing after he left them on his desk to run errands Sept. 27.

The house was unlocked at the time and the family has friends who sometimes come inside to see if anyone is home, so the man wasn’t sure of any suspects. He said there is no local market for the cards and was scanning them into the computer before he left them on the desk.

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