Eagle County offers free recording notification service to deter property fraud

To alert residents to potential property fraud, the Office of the Eagle County Clerk and Recorder offers a free Recording Notification Service that will send an email alert to residents when a document, such as a deed or power of attorney, is recorded using a monitored name. With this service, residents can request the monitoring of up to five different names per registered email address.

The names registered must match the name (Grantor/Grantee) on the document recorded into public record (e.g. the exact name of the property owner, trust, LLC, etc.). When a document is recorded into the public records using a monitored name, a notice will be sent to the email address under which that name was registered.

“This service does not prevent a potentially fraudulent document from being recorded,” Clerk and Recorder Regina O’Brien said. “However, it does provide notification that will assist a property owner in taking immediate action. This early warning system is preferable to belatedly discovering fraud months or years later.”

Recently, some properties in Eagle County have been illegally advertised for sale on real estate apps by individuals other than the rightful owners. Scammers use various online real estate marketplace companies and pose as legitimate landlords or property owners. Often the scam involves the request for deposits via wire transfer, money transfer apps, or even gift cards. Please report any fraudulent activities to the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.

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