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Eagle County Paramedic Services welcomes visiting EMS Fellow

Dr. Gurvijay Bains, left, with Bill Johnston of Eagle County Paramedics. Bain observed the district’s operations during a recent residency.
Eagle County Paramedics/Special to the Daily

Emergency medicine is a unique area of practice for physicians — it’s impossible to foresee the cases that arise until experienced first-hand. For physicians with aspirations of becoming medical directors, fellowships with emergency medical service agencies are a great way to get experience.

Eagle County Paramedic Services recently welcomed Dr. Gurvijay Bains from University of California, San Francisco. Bains was interred with EC Paramedics for four days, experiencing the intricacies of a rural EMS agency first-hand.

“It’s an honor to have Dr. Bains visit us,” said Will Dunn, senior manager of clinical services at Eagle County Paramedic Services. “Usually, rotations take place in cities; rotations in a rural setting are few and far between. By embedding with EC Paramedics for this rotation, Dr. Bains was able to see not only how rural settings vary, but also how we work in these remote settings.”

During his visit, Bains rode along with crews on 911 calls and experienced the inner workings of Eagle County Paramedics by attending staff meetings. He also gave a lecture as part of Eagle County Paramedics’ continuing education program.

In addition to the valley’s setting with its unique challenges, it’s rare to see a stand-alone EMS service like Eagle County Paramedics in a rural setting. Bains was able to witness the intensive medicine practiced by paramedics and EMTs as well as learn about the various programs that Eagle County Paramedics offers including community paramedics, search and rescue, wildland fire and others.

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“I was amazed to see such skilled and effective paramedics in a service that is truly patient-centered,” Bains said. “What surprised me most is the longevity with which each member of the team worked. A lot of members had been there for 10-plus years, which is amazing in the EMS world.”

Bains is an EMS/Disaster Medicine fellow at UCSF Department of Emergency Medicine. He graduated from the St. Georges University School of Medicine in 2017. He finished his Emergency Medicine Residency training in Newark, New Jersey.

Eagle County Paramedics will host another UCSF physician in August.

“Hosting these Fellows is an incredible opportunity to showcase the depth and breadth of the medicine that we practice to professionals from around the country,” Dunn said. “We’re becoming the training ground for the next generation of EMS physicians.”

For more information about the district, go to EagleCountyParamedics.com or call 970-926-5270.

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