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Eagle County Republicans elect officers

Kaye Ferry again elected chair

The Eagle County Republicans elected officers on Feb 13, starting the reorganization process that begins for the party at the local level in odd numbered years. Kaye Ferry was again elected chair with Jennifer Woolley elected secretary and Max Schmidt, Jeanne Alexander, Tony Martinez, Susie Huxford and Greg Bush as vice chairs.

Kaye Ferry

The rest of the districts that Eagle County is part of followed up with their elections.

Starting out was Senate District 5 (which encompasses Eagle, Pitkin, Lake, Hinsdale, Delta, Gunnison and Chaffee) on March 16 with Kaye Ferry (Eagle) elected as chair, Max Schmidt (Eagle) as vice chair and Sue Whittelsey (Delta) as secretary.

The next night, House district 26 which includes Eagle and Routt counties, elected Pete Wood (Routt) as chair, Kaye Ferry (Eagle) as vice chair and Bill Douglas (Eagle) as secretary.

The election for the 29 counties that make up Congressional District 3 was held March 20 with the following results: Mike McCartney (Mesa) was elected chair, Jennifer Wooley (Eagle) was elected vice chair and Allen Maez (Montezuma) was elected secretary.

And from the eastern end of Eagle County, the 10 counties in Congressional District 2 elected Dick Elsner (Park) as chair, Kaye Ferry (Eagle) as vice chair and Marty Neilson (Boulder) as secretary.

The 5th Judicial District, which encompasses Clear Creek, Eagle, Lake and Summit counties met on March 24 with Kaye Ferry (Eagle) elected as chair, Jeanne Alexander (Eagle) elected as vice chair and Mike Tabb (Summit) elected as secretary.

Colorado Republicans also elected state officers with Kristi Burton Brown elected as chair, Pricilla Rahn as vice chair and Marilyn Harris as secretary. It’s the first time that an all-female team has been elected to lead Colorado Republicans.

In the final vote in this long process, Kaye Ferry was elected to the State Executive Committee, representing the 53 small counties. A small county is defined as a county with a population under 100,000.

“What an ordeal of meetings,” Ferry said. “But I’m so proud of our team and the support from across the state. These elections show the faith Colorado Republicans have in our abilities and as a result, Eagle County has direct leadership responsibility for 58 of the 64 counties in the state.”

Added Ferry: “Now it’s on to the onerous process of 2022 elections. I haven’t seen the complete list yet but midterms always have significantly more seats up for election than presidential years. In 2018 we had 19 seats on the ballot so whatever that number is in 2022, we have our work cut out for us.”

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