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Eagle County School District to host forum for school board candidates

All 11 candidates will be at a meet-and-greet forum Oct. 7 at Homestake Peak School

Eagle County School District announced it will hold a meet-and-greet forum at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 7 at the Homestake Peak School Auditorium. The forum will allow Eagle County community members to get to know the candidates interested in the school district’s available Board of Education seats.

There are five school board director seats up for election at the November election, one each for districts A, B, E, F and G.

Director seats for districts C and D are currently held by Dr. Ted R. Long and Lucila Tvarkunas respectively, and their terms do not expire this year.

The meet-and-greet will feature a panel setting moderated by Rohn Robbins, an attorney with Caplan & Earnest LLC. Robbins has served as the moderator for a previous Eagle County School District board candidate forum.

Candidates will be permitted introductory and closing remarks and will participate in two rounds of questions. The forum agenda can be found on the Eagle County School District website.

During the moderator’s questions round, candidates from each individual director district will be provided one minute to answer a randomly selected question for that district. Other candidates (who are not in the district the question was asked) may choose to also answer this question and are limited to a 30-second response.

Each candidate only gets one 30-second response in this moderator question segment. In total, 10 questions will be asked; two of each director district.

Attendees will have the opportunity to submit questions for candidates before the forum begins, and like-questions will be consolidated in the interest of time for the audience questions round. These questions will follow the same format as the previous round, including limiting any candidate interested in answering a question not asked of their director district to one 30-second response.

This session will be recorded and available soon after the meeting on the school district’s website, with Spanish subtitles to follow.

All school directors are voted on at-large, meaning eligible electors of the school district vote for one candidate from each director district.

Candidates completed a brief questionnaire about their interest in being a director for the Eagle County School District Board of Education. Each candidate’s responses can be viewed on the Eagle County School District website.

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