Eagle County starts election year with March party events

There’s a lot going on before the Nov. 8 election

Mountain Recreation will ask voters again for a tax increase to fund facility and program improvements.
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This story has been corrected and updated. The Mountain Recreation Board of directors has not yet voted to ask voters in May for a tax increase. The story now includes more information about Avon’s municipal election in November.

The Nov. 8 general election seems a long way off, and it is. But election season in Colorado actually kicks off next week.

The county’s Democratic and Republican parties will hold their election-year caucus and assembly events. Those events select precinct captains and forward candidates to the state assemblies in the spring.

Those state assemblies will choose candidates running for election in statewide or multi-county districts.

Those events are also essential for anyone who wants to be an election judge for the June 28 primary and/or the Nov. 8 general election, Eagle County Clerk and Recorder Regina O’Brien said.

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The caucus and assembly are just the start of this year’s election-related activities. Past next week, here, in chronological order, are the events.

April 5

The towns of Gypsum and Red Cliff will hold municipal elections. Minturn has canceled its municipal election, since there are only as many candidates as there are available Town Council seats.

That means Lynn Feiger, Tim Sullivan and Kate Schifani will serve on the council. Earle Bidez will continue as mayor.

In Red Cliff, Deputy Town Clerk Melissa Matthews said three Town Trustee seats are up for a election. Incumbent Ben Kleimer is running for another term. Former Trustee Mary Walker is running, as is newcomer Cassandra MacUmber.

Resident Andy Fobair is running as a write-in candidate.

Gypsum Mayor Steve Carver

In Gypsum, Town Clerk Becky Close said five candidates are running for three available seats.

Incumbents Lori McCole and Bill Baxter are running for reelection. Scott Green, David Fiore and former Council Member Marisa Sato are seeking three seats.

Longtime Mayor Steve Carver is being challenged by Tina Medina.

Both those municipal elections are in-person, not mail-in events.

May 3

This is election day (primarily via mail) for a number of the valley’s special districts. We’ll know in the coming weeks which districts will have contested board elections.

At the moment, Mountain Recreation may have the biggest issue on that ballot. After the narrow defeat in 2021 of a $60 million tax increase proposal, the district’s board is considering asking voters this spring to approve a $40 million plan to improve facilities and expand programs.

June 28

This is state and county primary election day. This will be a mail ballot election.

Voters will select one candidate to stand for election in the November general election.

O’Brien said Democrats and Republicans who have recorded a party preference by June 6 will receive their party’s primary ballot.

All voters can participate in primary elections in Colorado. O’Brien said unaffiliated voters will receive both Democratic and Republican ballots, but can only send back one.

You can register or check your information at

Nov. 8

There will doubtless be anywhere from a few to several mostly financial ballot issues on the fall ballot. But those issues are still being formulated.

That said, here’s what we know about candidate elections.

Starting locally, county voters will be asked about:

  • Avon Town Council. Current Council Members Sarah Smith Hymes and Scott Prince are term-limited and ineligible to run this year. Members Tamra Underwood and Chico Thuon can run again if they wish.
  • Eagle County Commissioner (District 3, currently represented by Jeanne McQueeney)
Eagle County Commissioner Jeanne McQueeney
  • Eagle County elected officials, including surveyor, coroner, clerk and recorder, treasurer, assessor and sheriff
  • State and federal offices include incumbent U.S. Representatives Lauren Boebert, a Republican, in the 3rd Congressional District, and Joe Neguse, a Democrat in the 2nd Congressional District. The district maps changed this year, with most of Eagle County now in the 2nd District.
  • Voters will also select a U.S. Senator. That seat is currently held by Michael Bennet, a Democrat.
State Rep. Dylan Roberts
  • At the state level, voters will choose representatives in a redrawn House District 26 as well as House District 57. That seat is currently held by Avon Democrat Dylan Roberts.
  • Roberts is giving up that seat to run for the Colorado Senate in District 8. The county’s former district, District 5, has been adjusted to include only the part of Eagle County in the Roaring Fork Valley. Republicans Matt Solomon of Eagle and Richard Cimino of Grand County are also running for that seat.
  • Statewide elections this year include the offices of governor, secretary of state, treasurer and attorney general.
  • Voters will also choose candidates for the Colorado Board of Education and the University of Colorado Board of Regents. With the exception of an at large seat on the Board of Education, those representatives are elected by congressional district.
Want to participate?

To register for the March 3 Eagle County Republican caucus, go to The county assembly follows March 24.

The Eagle County Democrats will hold a March 5 virtual caucus and assembly. The event begins at 5 p.m. Go to

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