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Eagle County’s Halloween weather should be OK

Clear skies predicted for Saturday; storm possible Sunday

Kids walk down the street during the annual Minturn Halloween Eve event last October. Warm costumes were all the rage on a chilly night.
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Given the crowds that swarm Minturn at its annual Oct. 30 Halloween celebration, weather doesn’t much matter. This year’s event should be cool, but not teeth-chatteringly cold.

Minturn’s annual Halloween eve celebration is often held in toe-numbing cold. Kids’ costumes often either include ski suits, or are worn over bulky winter gear.

This year shouldn’t be too bad. Erin Walter, a forecaster at the Grand Junction office of the National Weather Service, said Saturday’s daytime high will be 61 degrees or so. But, she added, the temperature will drop quickly after sundown, with temperatures dropping into the 40s and 30s.

Minturn Mayor Earle Bidez has lived in town since the 1980s and has long lived on Pine Street.

For kids with a chill, Bidez recommends coming to the Pine Street haunted houses. “We’ll be making the kids run away in fear,” Bidez said. “They’ll stay warm that way.”

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For parents, Bidez recommended the occasional nip from a pocket flask.

No matter the temperature, the crowds in town show that “weather doesn’t daunt the haunt,” Bidez said.

The weather will be a bit different when the rest of the world celebrates All Hallows’ Eve.

The forecast for Eagle shows a 30% chance of storms after noon and into the evening Sunday. The high temperatures will be in the high 50s in that part of the valley, so the chance of snow comes as the weather cools into the night.

The system running through the region Sunday will linger for a couple of days, with changes of precipitation through Nov. 2.

That may or may not be a harbinger of storms to come. The Federal Climate Prediction Center’s outlook into November calls for an “equal chance” of above- and below-average precipitation leading into the first days of the local ski season.

Fright night forecasts

Here’s the National Weather Service forecast for Oct. 30 in Minturn, and Oct. 31 in Eagle:

Minturn: Clear, with a daytime high of 61, on the way to an overnight low of 28.

Eagle: A 30% chance of showers after noon, with a high near 58, on the way to an overnight low of 33.

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