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Eagle police reports

Bike Theft

A resident from Eagle Ranch reported May 20 that two bikes had been stolen from his carport.

The resident said he had been gone for several days and when he returned he noticed the missing bikes. He said the bikes were not locked and said he did not have any idea who could have taken them.

He described the bikes as a dark blue cruiser model with white-wall tires valued at $300. The second is a baby blue Rally mountain bike valued at $400.

Officers canvassed the neighborhood looking for the stolen bikes and talking to neighbors but did not recover the bikes or any clues regarding their whereabouts.

Leave the fire alarm alone

When Eagle Police responded to a fire alarm coming from a local restaurant on May 12, the business’s manager stated that one of the chefs saw a customer pull the alarm before leaving by a back door.

The chef told the officer that the man who pulled the alarm was with a woman, who warned him against his actions. The chef saw the couple get into a SUV parked in back of the restaurant. The vehicle was still on site when the officer arrived.

When the officer contacted the people inside the vehicle, a man was sitting in the passenger seat asleep. A woman inside the car said the alarm went off when she and her husband left the restaurant and that was why they were staying inside their vehicle.

The officer had difficulty getting the sleeping man to talk about the incident. According to the police report, he offered an incorrect address and phone number. After explaining what constituted a false reporting charge, the officer issued a citation to the man, but he refused to sign his summons.

Ignored a warning

On May 10, an Eagle Police officer was patrolling around Eagle Valley Middle School when he saw three teenage males skateboarding at the school parking lot and grinding on a hand rail on the southeast corner of the building.

The officer advised the youths that they were not allowed to skate on school property and told them to leave.

Approximately 10 minutes later, the officer said he returned to the site and the three boys were still skateboarding in the area. He again approached them and said because they did not heed his directions to leave the area, he planned to cite them for trespassing.

According to the police report, all three apologized and stated they were definitely leaving the area.

“I advised them they had the opportunity to leave but refused to heed the warning I gave them earlier,” said the officer’s report.


A visibly intoxicated man contacted Eagle Police May 22 to report his car had been stolen from outside of a local bar.

The man adamantly stated he had parked his truck and trailer at the site, but when he returned to the area, it was gone. He said he believed someone was playing a prank on him.

After issuing a stolen vehicle alert, police were located the truck nearby and partially hidden by a dumpster. The vehicle was unlocked and the keys were inside.

The officer locked the truck and took the keys to the residence of the man who had reported the theft. In a follow-up conversation the next day, the man said he had not heard anything from any of his friends about the vehicle being moved. He said he believed the incident was a prank, but he had no idea who masterminded it. He also noted there were no items damaged or missing from the truck.

The man asked police to close the case, saying he did not plan to pursue criminal charges.

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