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Eagle Roundabouts…by the numbers

The official "Town of Eagle" feature walls are complete at the Eby Creek Interstate 70 on and off ramps. Final landscaping at the project will be completed next spring.
Pam Boyd/pboyd@eaglevalleyenterprise.com |

We’ve been saying if for weeks, but as of the past couple of days, it’s really starting to look like the truth: Barring just a bit of landscaping that will be completed next spring, Eagle’s Eby Creek Road roundabout project is complete.

Motorists have noted that the expansive new roadway feels big enough to land a 747 jet, and the morning and evening traffic moves briskly along the four-lane roadway.

As a final nod to the construction that has characterized daily life in Eagle for the past two years, here’s a final breakdown of the Eby Creek Road construction numbers:

9,677 man-hours — Time paid for flaggers on the scene.

261 — The number of orange barrels motorists had to dodge during construction.

22,935 square yards — The amount of concrete poured for the project. For comparison that equals 3.58 NFL football fields or 23,222,092 pounds.

4,349 linear feet — Water line installed. The amount equals 0.82 miles.

964 linear feet — Wastewater line installed.

2,766 linear feet — Storm drainage pipe installed. The amount equals 0.52 miles.

1,511 cubic yards — Amount of concrete poured for retaining walls. The amount equals 6,119,550 pounds.

2,969 tons — Amount of permanent asphalt paving. The amount equals 5,938,000 pounds.

10,707 square yards — Amount of temporary asphalt paving for detours. The amount equals 1.67 NFL football fields.

103,514 pounds — Amount of steal reinforcing bars in concrete throughout the project.

2,839 cubic yards — The amount of “muck” removed from the project area. That equals 315 dump truck loads.

2,694 linear feet — The length of portable concrete barriers used during construction. The amount equals 0.51 miles.

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