Eat Chat Parent series presents ‘Food for Mental Health’ |

Eat Chat Parent series presents ‘Food for Mental Health’

Dr. Drew Ramsey will lead a discussion Wednesday at Eagle Valley High School

Are you struggling with your mood, level of worry, or other symptoms of depression and anxiety? Are you eating the right foods to optimize your mental health? Good mental health depends on a well-nourished brain.

Dr. Drew Ramsey will lead a discussion on the foods you eat and how they directly affect not just your physical body, but your mood as well, at the upcoming Eat Chat Parent on Sept. 15 at Eagle Valley High School. Join Mountain Youth and Eagle Valley Behavioral Health for a discussion on which foods fall within the Antidepressant Food Scale for optimal mental health. Hint: pizza, ice cream and soda might taste good at first, but they are not on the list of nutrient-rich mood boosters.

Ramsey is a psychiatrist, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia University College, and author of “Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety.” He employs the new science of connecting brain health, mental health and nutrition.

When choosing topics for this season’s Eat Chat Parent series, Mountain Youth’s Family Education Manager Amy Baker considered the totality of mental health in order to bring speakers who could address all aspects of how we can stay mentally fit as families.

Ramsey is revolutionary in his approach to nutritional psychiatry and will teach participants that brain health is mental health. We can all do more to nourish our brains based on the latest evidence that mental health is intimately connected to our diets. There is an abundance of data that proves nutrition is the most powerful environmental factor that, for the most part, is under our control.

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Dinner will be served individually packaged and provided by Colorful Cooking with recipes from Ramsey’s book. For details and to register, visit

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