Eby Creek Road construction sees accident uptick

Back on Sept. 9, a tractor-trailer ran into a construction vehicle in the Eby Creek Road roundabout construction, causing significant damage to the parked vehicle and netting the truck driver a careless driving ticket.

In his defense, the trucker said he was disoriented and confused about where to go when he tried to negotiate the roadway.

That was just one of the seven accident that occurred along Eby Creek Road last month.

According to the Eagle Police Department records, officers responded to a total of 17 traffic accidents that resulted in citations being issued between Aug. 1 and Sept. 25. Of those 17 incidents, seven happened along Eby Creek Road.

Police official advise taking extra care while driving through the construction zone, noting that while the traffic pattern has now shifted to minimize backups, motorists new to town may be unfamiliar with the operation of rountabouts and intimidated by all the construction activity.

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