Free radon gas test kits available |

Free radon gas test kits available

Enterprise staff report

Eagle County Public Health and Environment, in partnership with Energy Smart Colorado, is offering free radon test kits while supplies last.

January is National Radon Action Month and a perfect time for people to test their homes for radon, a radioactive gas responsible for hundreds of Colorado cancer deaths each year.

The colorless, odorless, tasteless gas enters homes through small crevices in the foundation. Ground penetrations where utility lines enter the home are common radon entry points. Once radon enters the home, it presents a serious health risk if high levels of radon are inhaled for long durations of time. Long-term radon exposure is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers.

“Testing for radon is simple and the first step in determining if your health might be at risk from long-term exposure,” said Ray Merry, Eagle County’s director of environmental health. “Energy Smart Colorado is an excellent partner because you can also get an inexpensive energy assessment of your home while receiving a free radon test kit,” he said.

In addition to assessing a home’s energy efficiency, Energy Smart analysts also check combustion appliances for proper venting of carbon monoxide.

The most appropriate time to test for radon gas is when the windows and doors are closed during the winter months. Free radon test kits can be obtained from the county’s Environmental Health Department at 500 Broadway in Eagle; the El Jebel Community Center at 20 Eagle County Drive in El Jebel; or at the Energy Smart Resource Center located in the Walking Mountains Science Center at 318 Walking Mountains Ln. in Avon. Contact Energy Smart at 970-328-8777 to schedule a home energy assessment.

To learn more about radon and other indoor air quality issues, visit or call 970-328-8755.

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