Good will this Christmas |

Good will this Christmas

Christmas came early for our family.

During the Labor Day weekend, I lost my wallet while biking over Vail Pass. After searching to no avail, we deemed the wallet lost. However after a couple of days, I received a phone call from a gentleman named Josh Yandle, from Gypsum.

Josh told me he had found the wallet on the on ramp of Vail Pass as he and his son were heading towards Denver. All the money and credit cards were intact.

After thanking Josh, I offered to reward him for the money in the wallet. He emphatically refused the reward. The wallet was mailed back to me. I received an email after the wallet was delivered thanking me “for the opportunity to teach his son a lesson on honesty.”

As the Christman carol says “Good Will towards Men,” Josh embodies good will in his actions as he returned my wallet. My family will be thinking of Josh and his family this Christmas.

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Dennis and Lynette Blomberg

Lindsborg, Kansas

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