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Government Tracker: Eagle

Eagle Town Board

Nov. 11, 2014

Single track sidewalks proposal

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Issue: Hardscrabble Trails Coalition presented a plan “to integrate narrow (18”) natural surface paths within urban and suburban landscapes as connectors and/or alternatives to existing paved routes. These connections are to be designed as beginner‐friendly trail amenities to enhance existing multi‐use paths through Eagle.”

Discussion: “Essentially (the paths would be) built by kids for kids. These are just fun connectors to build on our quality of life here locally,” said Adam Palmer of the Hardscrabble Trails Coalition. Eagle Marketing and Events Coordinator Amy Cassidy noted that grant money through the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Safe Routes to School program may be available for the project. “This could potentially be a very big, national PR opportunity for us,” said Cassidy.

Decision: The board unanimously approved the single track concept and the resolution supporting the grant proposal. Members directed the project proponents to work with the Eagle Ranch Association to make sure its concerns, as well as potential concerns from nearby residents, are addressed.

Vehicle Idling Ordinance

Issue: Eagle Police proposed an local amendment to the Model Traffic Code to allow unattended vehicles to idle during cold temperatures.

Discussion: The ordinance permits unattended vehicles up to 15 minutes if temperatures dip to -10 Fahrenheit. Town board members noted the intent of the ordinance was to allow actions that drivers regularly take during cold weather, but which are not allowed under the specifics of the Model Traffic Code. They did question whether calling out the specifics for idling would cause an enforcement issue for police, but Acting Chief Joey Staufer voiced his support for the ordinance change

Decision: The ordinance passed unanimously.

Wilcon Energy LP Conversion

Issue: Special use permit for auto service facility in a Commercial General Zone District. The application is for a business that will install conversion systems to gasoline powered vehicular engines. The conversion systems will allow for these vehicles to run on propane fuel.

Discussion: Board members noted the use is appropriately zoned commercial general zone district.

Decision: The board unanimously approved the use, with the condition that outdoor storage of materials will not be allowed.

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