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Government Tracker: Gypsum Town Council

Jan. 13, 2015

Brightwater Development

Topic: Motion to approve the settlement agreement between the town of Gypsum, Clearwater Development, Inc. and Rampart Holdings. A few months ago, the town council advised staff to seek a settlement with Brightwater Development.

Issue: In exchange for $45,000, the town would release all bonds as Brightwater has no further interest in developing.

Discussion: According to town manager Jeff Shroll, there was no reason for Gypsum to hold on to the bonds. “We really don’t have a dog in the fight anymore,” said Shroll. Recommendation from legal council was for the council to approve the settlement, as it was the best they’d do.

Decision: The motion passed unanimously.

Recycling Center

Topic: An ordinance providing for the repeal and re-adoption of subsections 8.04.040.A and 8.04.040.E – Storage of Refuse of the Gypsum Municipal Code (2nd Reading).

Issue: Due to people dumping inappropriate items such as furniture, appliances and other items at the town’s recycle center, violator fines are being considered.

Discussion: Council members discussed a fine for the first offense as up to $1,000 and the fee for the second violation to be an automatic $1,000. Some council members wanted that decision to be made by the municipal judge, but others wanted more teeth with automatic fees.

“You never know what the circumstances are – I like to see a judgment being made on each situation,” said council member Chris Estes.

Staff members said there will be more surveillance to catch offenders.

“We have cameras that will monitor the site, and we will be have more surveillance on the weekend,” said town manager Jeff Shroll.

Decision: The ordinance, with some re-wording requested by council members, was approved unanimously.

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