Greater Eagle Fire Protection District hires new fire chief |

Greater Eagle Fire Protection District hires new fire chief

Kurt Vogel, fire chief for the Greater Eagle Fire District. Vogel was arrested Thursday night, charged with stealing more than $120,000 from the city of Sterling between 2010 and 2015.
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EAGLE — Kurt Vogel, a seven-year veteran chief from Sterling who has more than 30 years of emergency services experience, will take over as the new chief for the Greater Eagle Fire Protection District.

The district’s board of directors signed Vogel’s employment contract Wednesday and the new chief will begin work April 11.

Vogel noted he wasn’t really looking to leave his job in Sterling, but the opportunity in Eagle caught his eye.

“I was looking for some new challenges in my career,” he said. “I am excited to get to know the guys. I have heard nothing but great things about them and their level of professionalism.”

Vogel said his first goal as chief is to get to know everyone’s name — not just within the department but throughout the Eagle community and the valley’s emergency services corps.

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“I need to get to know the people and the system and the community as a whole,” said Vogel.

Likewise, he is excited to see what the community has to offer both himself and his family.

“I love biking and photography, so what place could be better than Eagle?” said Vogel.

Family business

Vogel has worked as a firefighter since he was 18 years old and is the son of a professional firefighter. His first job was working with the Wichita, Kansas, department, where his dad was employed.

“When I was 18 years old, my dad asked me what I was going to do and I thought I wanted to be a police officer,” Vogel said.

However, he was still too young to begin work as a cop, so his dad suggested he give firefighting a try. It wasn’t long before Vogel had changed his mind about his vocation.

“I fell in love with it. Just to go in and make a difference in somebody’s life is rewarding,” said Vogel.

Experience in collaboration

While he worked on the front lines for years, Vogel ultimately decided he needed to make the shift into administration if he wanted career longevity. That’s when he left Kansas for Sterling.

Vogel said his previous work experience will be a valued backdrop as he starts his new job. One of his projects as chief in Sterling was to spearhead an effort to organize countywide emergency medical services through the fire department. He believes that experience in collaboration will be valuable for Eagle.

“Getting everyone to buy in and consolidate and try to keep people involved is a hard thing to do,” said Vogel. “I learned to get as much buy-in as you can.”

He cited his work ethic and team building abilities as the top attributes he will bring to his new job.

“My hard work and my ability to get people to work as a team, people will see that,” said Vogel.

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