Gypsum Elementary sends quarantine notices |

Gypsum Elementary sends quarantine notices

Twenty-six students and three staff at Gypsum Elementary School are quarantining after a student at the school tested positive for COVID-19, Eagle County Schools announced Thursday.

The student who tested positive was last in school Friday, Jan. 8, the school district said, and contact tracing determined that those in close contact with the student needed to quarantine.

The district is reminding people that the following critical practices remain essential to containing the virus for the rest of the school year:

• If your child is sick, keep them home

• If they have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, seek medical advice and have them tested

• If someone in your household is being tested for COVID-19, keep your children home until the results are known

• If someone in your household is positive for COVID-19, the entire household must quarantine and not leave home as directed by public health officials

• People directed to quarantine must remain home, stay away from others, not go to work or school, not have playdates or sleepovers, and not engage in extracurricular activities

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