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Haymeadow traffic is a good thing

As the general manager of AmericInn in Eagle, I want to make a point about traffic in Eagle.

Traffic is good.

Yes, sometimes spending four or five minutes to get to your destination instead of two can be frustrating, but “more traffic” means a better economy, more patrons and customers, and ultimately more money.

The AmericInn enjoys some busy times of the year, like this year during the Mountain Bike State Championships, but we can always benefit from more business.

That’s not to mention the benefit that will come from having a larger local population in Eagle when Haymeadow is built out. Yes, that will mean more traffic, but it also means that our business community will grow and thrive.

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Approving Haymeadow is also a way for the town to offset the cost of many improvements that we have to make anyway — with or without Haymeadow.

So yes, I’m okay with an increase in traffic. It means that there are more consumers and a better economy for Eagle. Haymeadow will improve Eagle for both businesses and residents; I’m prepared to accept a slightly longer drive if it means that our town is thriving.

Lonnie Leto


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