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Haymeadow traffic is large concern

To me, the Haymeadow issue is all about quality of life.

Additional people in our community can always add new perspectives and enhance our quality of life, but in the case of our small town the negative impacts would prove to outweigh the positive benefits.

First of all, it is a well-known fact that residential development in small towns do not pay their own way – absolutely no one can argue that fact. It is clearly stated in the Eagle Area Community Plan that development should pay its own way, but in the case of Haymeadow the negotiations have been long and strongly guided by who’s going to pay for what, especially when it comes to road impacts.

There’s no denying we have a traffic problem right now in Eagle. It is a result of the Eagle Ranch development and the incomplete traffic study that was done from the development just to Highway 6 and the Eagle Ranch roundabout. It’s hard to believe that the town of Eagle did not require the traffic study be taken all the way to Interstate 70. We have a bottleneck at the Eby Creek roundabout all the way to I-70 and it will still be a bottle neck even with five roundabouts.

The Haymeadow developers should pay for all the necessary studies of the traffic impacts before and after all improvements are done before they receive any vested rights or approvals. This would truly complete their application, and this has not been done. We need to wait for the completion of the all roundabouts and see exactly what, if any, real impacts they have on our morning, noon, and evening traffic issues.

Another very important point that all concerned citizens should know about, that is part of the real issues that I have with any imminent approvals of Haymeadow, is the traffic impacts that will be added before any road improvements are being required of the developers. The Bull Pasture bypass will not be required until 300 units are added or five years have gone by. So, when 150 units are up there an estimated traffic trips of nine per day is added to our roads. You have another 1,350 trips going through Eagle per day. And, say, it’s only seven trips per day ­— that’s 1,050 trips through Eagle each day.

The bottom line is that before any approvals, we need to see a complete traffic study that goes all the way to I-70 and is paid for by the developer.

Annie Egan


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