Here are some of the radical ideas to help alleviate Colorado’s high-country housing crisis

In Crested Butte, workers ponder a midsummer strike while Frisco leaders weigh a first-ever emergency declaration as the lack of affordable housing in Colorado communities threatens communities.

Jason Blevins
The Colorado Sun

Jill Voyles knew the first year would not be easy. But it would be worth it for her and husband, Brendan McClarney, to move their three daughters to Crested Butte from St. Louis, Missouri.

Then right after they arrived last spring, everything shut down. McClarney’s job as a construction project manager evaporated. So did Voyles’ work as a wellness professional. McClarney worked at a restaurant for a while but went back to St. Louis for work, sending his family money to pay rent in the Gunnison County resort town. Then their landlord told them he was moving into the home they were renting.

They found a temporary place for a few weeks but Voyles and McClarney are making back-up plans to move their family into tents.

“I would never have thought this could happen. Right before the pandemic I was planning to open a studio and my business was thriving. We came here to protect our kids from what was going on in the big city, where we had gunshots just a couple blocks from our house,” Voyles said. “I knew it would be hard to make it work here but I never imagined it would be this hard.”

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