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Mountain Pedaler owner Charlie Brown, left, dispenses some cycling advice during Trail Jam last weekend.
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A golden Ticket

Next week the Free Enterprise is launching a new promotion to customers who receive home delivery of the newspaper.

Each week, the Free Enterprise will randomly slip a $20 gift certificate from a local restaurant or business inside one of its home deliverly newspapers. The lucky reader can then use the certificate at his or her leisure, but we would love to hear from winners and include a photo in the paper.

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If you find a certificate inside your Free Enterprise, congratulations from us and please let us know by calling Pam Boyd at 970-328-6656 Ext. 4 or emailing

Hole-in-one, times two, at Gypsum Creek Golf

Last week the Gypsum Creek Golf Course made the 9News Facebook page when it shared the unusual story of two golfers scoring back-to-back, hole-in-one shots on April 19.

Getting a hole-in-one can be a once in a lifetime experience for most golfers, if they’re lucky. Two golfers getting a hole-in-one on the same day and the same course is very unusual. It happened to Fred Kessler and Dan Eby at the Gypsum Creek Golf Course on April 19, the 150 yard 17th hole.

The chances of this happening isn’t one in a million, it’s one in 17 million.

“We both walked up together to get our balls and looked in the hole and saw two balls,” Kessler told 9NEWS. “I was like, this never happens.”

Eby decided to test his luck and buy a lottery ticket, although it produced only a dollar prize. But both men are keeping their lucky golf balls and savoring the moment.

9Health Fair

The 9Health Fair returns to Eagle Valley High School this Saturday, May 3.

The fair hours are 7:30 to 11:30 a.m.

The annual health screning event offers more than 25 free and seven low-cost health screenings. Anyone 18 and older is encouraged to attend and take advantage of these tools that can help keep their health in check. Screening results, with information on how to read your results, are mailed directly to your home for you to share with your doctor. Results are delivered within two to four weeks of your 9Health Fair visit.

Blood work offered at the 9Health Fair includes a $30 Blood Chemistry Screening which provides information about blood sugar (glucose), cholesterol, triglycerides, liver, kidney, bone and muscle function and may show warning signs of diabetes, heart disease and other concerns.

Other low-cost screenings include a $25 Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screening for men, which checks for prostate gland issues and cancer, a $15 Blood Count screening, which checks blood health. A $40 Vitamin D screening, which measures baseline Vitamin D level. A $25 Hemoglobin A1C screening that gives an average blood sugar level over the past two to three months. A $20 Colon Cancer Screening Take Home Kit, checks for colon cancer.

In preparation to have blood drawn at a 9Health Fair, be sure to drink plenty of water, do not eat in the 12 hours before the visit (unless you are diabetic), and continue taking prescribed medication.

Free screenings include blood pressure, breast exams, prostate/testicular exams, Ask a Medical Question, Ask a Pharmacist, osteoporosis screeening, oral exams, hearing tests, foot exams, skin exams and more are offered at specific locations.

The local 9Health Fair is not set up to accept credit card payment. Please plan to pay by check or cash only.

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