Lane shift this week for Eby Creek Road traffic |

Lane shift this week for Eby Creek Road traffic

Crews work at the north Interstate 70 interchange along Eby Creek Road Tuesday. The construction team plans a lane shift in that area on Friday. There will still be the same number of traffic lanes in operations, but the location of those lane will shift.
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Motorists arriving home from up valley will find the traffic pattern along Eby Creek Road altered Friday evening.

“There will still be the same number of lanes open, they will just be in different places,” said Eagle Town Engineer Tom Gosiorowski. “When someone returns to town Friday night, he will be driving in a different area than he drove on Thursday night.”

This week’s lane shift will affect the westbound Interstate 70 on-ramp, the south half of the westbound off-ramp, and the west half of Eby Creek Road north of I-70. Traffic impacts should be minimal because the number of traffic lanes through the construction zone will be unchanged. Access to homes and businesses will not be impacted, and no closures or delays are expected.

A similar shift is planned next week at the south I-70 interchange ramp.

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