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Letter: Big decisions in Avon

The town of Avon has a  big choice to make, which made me think about how it would look in 2050. Here’s a couple of different options of what that could be … 

  • Town of Avon goes bankrupt due to increased spending habits of the council, manager and mayor.
  • The stage at Nottingham Park has become a money pit, and with no additional funds to bring in entertainment, the stage is slated for teardown.
  • The Hahnewald barn is draining Avon’s resources and will be sold to a third party to manage.
  • Nottingham Lake is deemed unusable due to people peeing in the lake because there’s not an available bathroom by the beach and the town doesn’t have the money to build one. 

OR … we can lead the way.

  • Avon leads the way in mass transit and has spearheaded with other municipalities to help create a light rail system from Gypsum to Minturn. 
  • Avon leads the way in the arts and culture scene for Eagle County, and many up-and-coming performers have been able to play at the stage due to money being set aside to bring this type of entertainment to Eagle County.
  • Avon has a state-of-art rec center that also has childcare so parents can work out and stay fit and healthy. 
  • Avon leads the way in free transportation options for residents. 
  • Avon removes the real estate transfer tax as the town council has become fiscally responsible. 
  • Avon leads the way in the mountains for affordable workforce housing.
  • Avon has added a splash pad for kids to play in the summer. The town is quickly becoming the hub of the Vail Valley.
  • Avon has created an app for its mass transit system because it curbed the large spending and has been able to focus on the small details to make it an amazing community. 
  • Avon has created a down payment assistance program for residents to encourage locals to own their places versus renting. 
  • Avon has created additional parking along the frontage road making going to “the beach” at Nottingham safer for the community. 

Let’s make Avon the place to be not because we have a barn (which I don’t think it will) but because we paid attention to detail, we provide service for many and not just a few. Vote no on “the barn” 

Joe Shankland 


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