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Letter: Eagle needs to stop and reconsider

Eagle Town Council, as a concerned citizen I ask you to really look into all the “new developments” slated for Eagle and truly pay attention to the potential problems that we have in Eagle.

Did any of you have to drive home on Tuesday, April 23 around 5 p.m.?  Well, I was lucky enough to do that with about 300-plus of my neighbors, which is about normal for that time of day. Now I don’t mind a little traffic, now and then, as they were finally able to fix Sylvan Lake Road and I was excited about improvements. But can you imagine that traffic every day all day long? 

I think we need to reconsider 800 new residences coming from Brush Creek Road and another 500 near the medical center. Traffic is a daily problem for the big cities, but we moved here for the quality of life and we are looking at those same traffic problems if our growth continues. Not only would that change our reason for moving here, but it also makes me wonder what would happen if there was an emergency that required a full evacuation from that side of town. How would we all get out? 

Yes, the additional road that will go through Bull Pasture is out there, but the reality is you are still loading on a two-lane road of Highway 6.  Highway 6 cannot handle that type of traffic. Yes, many of these developments were approved several years ago, but I don’t believe people thought Eagle Ranch would develop as quickly as it did, or the other developments. 

I urge you to stop and reconsider, and yes maybe we need to do some new studies to update the information, but we as a community must stop and realize we need infrastructure first before more development.

Kathy Calton


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