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Letter: Is Reserve at Hockett Gulch right for Eagle?

The Reserve at Hockett Gulch is incorrect in scale for the town of Eagle and compromises the Eagle Area Community Plan’s vision which states “Eagle will continue to be a high-quality livable community.” The requested long list of variances from our Land Use and Development code and EQR fee structure do not make this a good deal for Eagle. Forty-five-foot tall apartment buildings, 10 feet over the allowed height, and the lack of required open space will make these apartment buildings permanent eyesores in this area of our community where all others have adhered to the codes, while the millions of dollars in discounts requested would make this a liability on the town.

The Reserve at Hockett Gulch is not responsible population growth. It would increase the population of the town of Eagle by 12 percent. And let’s not forget the impending and monstrous Haymeadow development breaks ground this June, adding another 873 homes to Eagle. It isn’t fiscally responsible to approve a development that would burden the town by increasing the use of Highway 6 ahead of its redevelopment with only $366,000.00 in impact fees to the developer.  

The Reserve at Hockett Gulch would place a considerable amount of additional hours on town staff, which is already compromised as we search for a new town planner/community developer. I second Willy Powell’s remarks from the March 12 board of trustees meeting that the town must begin to consider long range planning in its decisions, begin to connect information and simply pause before approving more development.

I support suitably-sized rental unit developments in the town of Eagle. A perfect example is the Broadway Station — a properly-sized rental apartment building with 22 units, constructed and managed by a resident of the town of Eagle that includes a new restaurant to downtown Eagle and a new space for an existing downtown business owner. 

I encourage the town’s board of trustees to engage in long-range planning and preserve the small-town feel and character highly valued in Eagle. As a community we have established a desirable town. I believe a 45-foot tall, 400 rental apartment complex with only 30 percent guaranteed as affordable, and the requested concessions to reduce required open space and parking spaces is not in alignment of Eagle’s character or vision. The board of trustees should not approve the Reserve at Hockett Gulch’s current land use application.

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Ellen Bodenhemier


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