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Letter: Thanks for stopping to help, Red Coats

I would like to say thank you to the “Vail Red Coat Volunteers.”  On February, 1, I was attempting to learn how to ski so I could be able to ski up to watch my daughters in their ski team races and was on a cat track trail in Vail when I was hit by someone on a snowboard and was knocked down.

Unfortunately, the person who hit me left me on the trail even though I was clearly hurt and begging for her to help me.  Two gentlemen who happened to be Vail Red Coat Volunteers who were out skiing for the day soon stopped. It took both of them to get my tangled boots released from my skis and relive the severe pain I was in. 

They then called the ski patrol and would not leave my side until I was safe in the sled being taken down the mountain. While waiting for the ski patrol they calmed me down, held me up so with my injured knee I did not fall again and made sure to let me know I was safe.

Not only did they come to my aid, they convinced me I was too injured to ski down myself and thank goodness they did as I ended up with a torn ACL, LCL and MCL from that accident. Their help was a tribute to the kindness of these wonderful Vail volunteers. So thank you to the Vail Red Coat Volunteers!

Jan Hoskins


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