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Letter: Town of Vail’s wildlife hypocrisy

I recommend reading the town of Vail’s annual report, especially with regard to its comments on community and the undisputed need for more workforce housing, the Open Lands Plan update and the six-page section on “Sustainability.”

The Open Lands Update refers to projects deleted “to avoid impacting wildlife habitat” and “the plan highlights the need to manage and monitor  lands for biodiversity and protection of wildlife,” and “identifies parcels with potential for workforce housing development.”

The “Sustainability” section opens with the news that Vail has been “officially certified as a Sustainable Mountain Resort Destination” for, among other things, “sensitive site and wildlife protection” and that such certification has “reinforced a strong sentiment in Vail — a passion for environmental stewardship and natural resource protection.” It also reports from the 2018 Community Survey that “81% say wildlife habitat areas are of high importance”.

Last, but not least, page 28 shows a beautiful, color picture of the official Colorado State wildlife symbol — the bighorn sheep — and mentions “a series of actions… recommended to improve the local bighorn sheep habitat”.

Given all the high profile, glossy, full color rhetoric about its devotion to wildlife habitat  protection, does the town of Vail “speak with forked tongue” when it comes to the proposed workforce housing development on sensitive bighorn sheep habitat in East Vail?

Joe McHugh


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