National group grades Eagle as second-safest burglary proof town in Colorado |

National group grades Eagle as second-safest burglary proof town in Colorado

EAGLE — When it comes to being burglary victims, Eagle residents are the second safest in the entire state of Colorado. analyzed FBI and Census Bureau data to create an interactive map displaying the safest cities in the United States, and Eagle is ranked No. 2 in Colorado for burglary odds. Only the town of Frederick, on Colorado’s Front Range, compiled better burglary odds last year.

Not surprisingly, that statistic was welcome news for Eagle Police Chief Joe Staufer.

“One of the best attributes of Eagle is that we watch out for one another,” said Staufer. “We need to keep in mind that Interstate 70 is a viable asset in bringing in guests and visitors to enjoy our community. Unfortunately, it is also one of the primary routes our uninvited guests have used for the intended purpose of inflicting crime in our community, including attempted or completed burglaries, vehicle thefts and car break-ins.”

Staufer noted that the majority of people charged in burglary-related crimes in Eagle last year actually resided in nearby counties, not in the town itself. He noted one the Eagle Police Department’s community policing strategies revolves around noting changes in the community — everything from infrastructures to culture. The department also places a premium on reaching out to new residents.

“Residents and guests are encouraged to take necessary steps to prevent crime. These include measures such as securing valuable property, ensuring personal safety and taking proper precautions,” said Staufer. “Simple modifications, such as locking doors, ensuring valuables are not left in vehicles, locking vehicles, closing garage doors, shredding personal information before trashing documents are a few quick no-cost examples.”

Staufer credited community members for being aware of suspicious activities. He said that in response to the department’s educational efforts, citizens were more likely to call police in a preventative mode.

“As more people reported circumstances, the police have been able to intercept subjects, which has resulted in preventing criminal activity or resulting in arrests for an attempted or completed criminal event,” he said.

“Our community continues to grow, and we will need to remain cognizant of trends and properly prepare ourselves to combat crime,” said Staufer. He noted there are ever-increasing threats related to Internet criminal activity, illegal distribution of drugs/marijuana and people posing as solicitors or company representatives to commit fraud.

“But vigilance of our citizens has proven effective in keeping a close eye on those wishing to victimize our community by quickly reporting their suspicions to the police.”

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