Neighbors protest town’s Trinity Recycling decision |

Neighbors protest town’s Trinity Recycling decision

The Eagle Board of Trustees last Tuesday night unanimously approved an amendment to a special use permit that allows a metal recycling business, Trinity Recycling, to expand its noisy industrial operation in the zoned multi-family residential area, where we live.

The approval was given in spite of a unanimous recommendation to deny the amendment by the town’s own planning and zoning commission.

The board’s decision to approve the use of a scrap metal crushing and bailing machine completely ignored those of us who appeared before the planning and zoning commission to testify about our strong opposition. In fact, it isn’t even clear that the board was informed of our testimony.

We live next to this industrial site, and attested to the inappropriate nature of this business in our neighborhood. We constantly hear booming crashes when old washing machines, car parts and metal scrap are dropped into huge metal dumpsters. Semi trucks monopolize the street parking and displace our school buses. Operations take place unabated, six days a week.

Even the owner of Trinity Recycling publicly acknowledged that his commercial business was incompatible with the residential neighborhood.

After two lengthy public hearings, with multiple witnesses testifying, plus a site visit, the planning and zoning commission voted unanimously to deny the application because it was incompatible with the surrounding neighborhood. The commission emphasized that the owner needed to get into compliance immediately with the conditions of his special use permit.

Remarkably however, the town trustees granted approval to the amendment, even though they:

1) Failed to determine that the requested use was compatible with the neighborhood, and

2) Failed to review the minutes of the planning and zoning commission.

Their positions as trustees of the town require them to do both.

Their ill-considered vote allows Trinity Recycling to expand its operations even though the business admits to being out of compliance with the original special use permit.

Citizens of the Town of Eagle should be appalled by this flawed public process, which can only be described as out of order and wrong.

Cindy Callicrate, Rod and Louise Carter, John Evancho, Lance and Lisa Schober, Vanda Whittaker

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