Petty witch hunt |

Petty witch hunt

I’m writing about the petty witch hunt going on regarding Doug (Seabury) and Yuri (Kostick)’s trip to Ocala, Florida to see me about the Haymeadow project.

The simple truth is this. I called Scott Schlosser to put my Eagle properties up for sale. Scott and I had a nice talk and he was convincing that Eagle was a great place to spend my limited energies and money. He said I should meet some of the town board members and I would be excited about the town’s prospects. I said yes, they flew down, we had great meetings. End of story.

I’ve created a Nasdaq 100 company and I was excited about bringing business and helping make Eagle the best it could be. The town should be proud to have these fine people representing their interests. I was smitten by their passion and honesty. I’ve turned down millions from local governments to bring jobs to their communities. These guys got me by taking a plane down asap and being simple and honest.

Maybe they didn’t follow the goofy, petty rules that they were unaware of, but they got me to believe in them and the town. Maybe we were both wrong.

Give it a break, this is laughable.

Alan Cohen

Haymeadow property owner

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