Public health order requiring masks in schools extended until Jan. 17 |

Public health order requiring masks in schools extended until Jan. 17

Eagle County Board of Health signs order Friday morning

The public health order requiring face coverings in schools and child care settings will be extended until Jan.17. This recommendation was supported by the Eagle County Board of Health on Dec. 14 and the public health order was signed by the board on Friday.

The order only pertains to face coverings for staff, students and visitors while indoors at child care centers or schools where children in grades Pre K-8 are present.

Any developments and the updated case incidence rates are available on

The Board of Health will discuss expiring the order on Jan. 17, 14 days after most youth return to school from winter break.

“We have been contemplating the best time to move beyond the current public health order since October,” said Heath Harmon, director of Eagle County Public Health.

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While the board expressed interest to transition to a public health environment where no public health orders are in effect, it also had many questions about the omicron variant that is spreading globally at a quick pace.

“The emergence of omicron raises questions, but the tools to prevent infection and severe disease are more widely available, too,” Harmon said. “We have strong demand for booster doses, which provide substantial protection from infection with this variant. Vaccinations for youth 5 to 11 years of age were initiated more than five weeks ago. New treatments are also on the horizon. While there are still many unknowns about omicron, these tools will help combat this and future versions of this virus.”

Unlike the short turnaround for when the face covering order was put in place prior to the school year, public health officials want to provide more time for schools and families to take in this information and be prepared for upcoming changes in the event the order does expire in the near future.

Eagle County Public Health will continue to provide COVID-19 vaccines and boosters for all eligible individuals. Public Health officials note the importance of testing when individuals have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or after being exposed to someone with the disease. Anyone testing positive should remain at home and isolate for 10 days from when the symptoms began. Testing centers are set up throughout Eagle County, and as winter approaches; hours and locations are subject to change.

Up-to-date information about testing locations, days, and times can be found at

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