Response to vet’s letter about EVHS administrator |

Response to vet’s letter about EVHS administrator

First off, thank you Mr. Fuller for your service to our country. You and others who have served deserve the utmost respect, recognition, and thanks for what you’ve done.

Part of that respect comes from the wonderful opportunities that we are granted to stare at that beautiful flag during the singing of the national anthem or while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

I can appreciate that you were bothered by someone not paying the attention that you obviously expect during this solemn and proud moment At that same time, I must ask — why weren’t you looking at that beautiful red, white, and blue during the entire singing of the song? Your service does not grant you the right to sit in the stands, gawk around with your own “cavalier attitude” to notice who else, like you, isn’t paying the correct respect to the flag. It is troubling that you felt that your judgment of another was worthy of public comment instead of a simple email to the Ms. Payne stating that while you were not observing the flag during the national anthem, you noticed that she wasn’t setting the example that you’d like her to set for her students.

Hopefully, you can reflect on your own reverence and focus on the flag for future events and not make yourself the “solemn and proud” authority. I can tell you that Ms. Payne spends more time at high school sporting events and properly respecting that moment in one year than most people will in their lives. She is also an absolute leader for her youth in how they should conduct themselves in terms of sportsmanship and respect. I’m certain that your letter impacted her, but I’m more certain that it could have been done outside of the public eye with a simple email to her.

Derrick Wiemer

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Very proud and thankful American


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