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Ridin’ high

Logan Trujillo was one of the 4-H junior livestock participants in this year's Eagle County Fairy and Rodeo.
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EAGLE — The 75th annual Eagle County Fair & Rodeo was a huge success, no matter how you measure it, organizers said.

Fair attendance was way up, and so were ticket sales for this year’s PRCA rodeo.

Ticket sales hit $135,619, more than $30,000 ahead of the projections, and way ahead of 2014’s $113,000, said Tanya Dahlseid, facilities coordinator with Eagle County Facilities Management. Dahlseid rides herd on this sort of thing.

Attendance was also up. It went like this:

Wednesday, 1,680

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Thursday, 2,131

Friday, 1,896

Saturday, 2,421 — sold out

Good weather helped, and so did the decision to hold the line on ticket prices.

“The ticket prices stayed the same this year; Wednesday and Thursday was $20, Friday and Saturday $25, which included the band,” Dahlseid said.

This year’s 4-H Club Junior Livestock sale was also strong. Among the highlights:

Cedar Fitzsimmon’s Grand Champion Beef sold for $10,000.

Both Bennett Morison and Huck Palmiter each sold a chicken for $1,000.

Sylvia Fochesato sold her chicken for $1,250.

Cole Hobbs sold his goat for $3,500.

Randi Ponce sold her rabbit for $1,000.

Faythe Eichler’s Grand Champion lamb sold for $3,000.

Austin Darrough’s Grand Champion swine sold for $7,000.

Eight turkeys sold for $1,200 or above.

2015 4-H CLUB General and Consumer Sciences Division Results

4-H Exhibits. 29 4-H Exhibits qualify for the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo

(* denotes State Fair Selection, exhibits selected for Colorado State Fair)


Veterinary Science

Grand Champion: Malorie Stephens, Senior*

Horseless Horse in Cooperation with the Ute Springs Experimental Learning Center

1.Andrea Aviles, Participation

2.Morgan Bodenheimer, Participation

3.Kaylee Little, Participation

4.Alessandra Medrano, Participation

5.Anna Claire Melzer, Participation

6.Alexis Merck, Participation

7.Avery Torda, Participation


Shooting Sports- Junior

1.Grand Champion: Ryan Schifanelli, .22 Stand Alone*

2.Reserve Grand Champion: Cyrus Moony, Air Rifle Stand Alone*

3.Class Champion: Jackson Bumgardner, Air Rifle Display Board*

4.Class Champion: Gavin Daly, Outdoor Skills Display Board*

5.Class Champion: Jeremiah Kehoe, Muzzleloading Display Board*

6.Class Champion: Mateo Piliero, Shotgun Display Board*

7.Class Champion: Evalynn Skiba, Archery Display Board*

8.Class Champion: Grace Symanski, .22 Display Board*

9.Reserve Class Champion: Grace Armstrong, Archery Display Board

10.Reserve Class Champion: Eli Melzer, Air Rifle Stand Alone

11.Blue: Jacob Cummins, .22 Rifle Display Board

12.Blue: Parker French, Archery Display Board

13.Blue: Liam Loff, Outdoor Skills, Stand Alone Display

14.Blue: Fara Srholez, Archery Display Board

15.Blue: Hudson Stuass, Outdoor Skills Display Board

Shooting Sports – Intermediate

1.Grand Champion: Sofia Piliero, Archery Stand Alone*

2.Reserve Grand Champion: Owen Daly, Outdoor Skills Display Board*

3.Class Champion: Matthew Faddick, Archery Display Board*

4.Class Champion: Alaena Knapp, .22 Display Board*

5.Class Champion: Kaitlyn Knapp, Outdoor Skills, Stand Alone*

6.Class Champion: Nicolas Piliero, Shotgun Stand Alone*

7.Reserve Class Champion: Faith Eichler, Archery Display Board

8.Reserve Class Champion: Alexus Myers, Outdoor Skills Display

9.Reserve Class Champion: Rebecca Schifanelli, Archery Stand Alone

10.Reserve Class Champion: Ella Srholez, .22 Display Board

11.Blue: Tucker Daubs, Outdoor Skills Display Board

12.Blue: Ethan French, Archery Stand Alone

13.Blue: Brielle Kromer, .22 Display Board

14.Blue: Riley Kromer, Shotgun Display Board

15.Blue: Cody Melzer, .22 Stand Alone

16.Blue: Tyler Morrison, Archery Stand Alone

17.Blue: Carter Stauss, .22 Display Board

Shooting Sports–Senior

1.Grand Champion: Colter Keenan, Outdoor Skills Display, *

2.Reserve Grand Champion: Yogendra Wyrick, Shotgun Stand Alone*

3.Blue: Mason Mitchell, Muzzleloading Display Board



1.Class Champion: Shelby Essex, Unit 1*

2.Blue: Morgan Kromer, Unit 2


1.Blue: Lane Dobransky, Restore & Recycle

2.Blue: Sean Keefe, Unit 1


Cake Decorating-Junior

1.Grand Champion: Emme Novak, Unit 1*

2.Reserve Class Champion: Logan Carthy, Unit 1

3.Blue: Ava Symanski, Unit 1

4.Blue: Grace Symanski, Unit 1

5.Blue: Hudson Stauss, Unit 1

6.Blue: Emma Stamp, Unit 1

Cake Decorating–Intermediate

1.Grand Champion: Katie Novak, Unit 1*

2.Reserve Class Champion: Carter Stauss, Unit 1

Clothing Construction-Junior

1.Grand Champion: Aubrey Winstead, Unit 2*

2.Reserve Grand Champion: Annika Iverson, Unit 1*

3.Reserve Class Champion: Kenzie Cosper, Unit 1

4.Blue: Belle Boggs, Unit 3

5.Blue: Diara Garcia, Unit 1

6.Blue: Linnea Iverson, Unit 1

7.Blue: Alessandra Medrano, Unit 1

8.Blue: Ceily Patriacca, Unit 2

9.Blue: Evalynn Skiba, Unit 1

10.Red: Grace Armstrong, Unit 1

11.Red: Hudson Stauss, Unit 1

Clothing Construction-Intermediate

1.Grand Champion: Shyanna Maloney, Unit 22*

2.Reserve Grand Champion: Jenna Humphries, Unit 1*

3.Class Champion: Riley Kromer, Unit 3*

4.eserve Class Champion: Brielle Kromer, Unit 22

5.Reserve Class Champion: Elizabeth Mendoza, Unit 1

6.Blue: Kaitlyn Cooper, Unit 1

7.Blue: Logan Story, Unit 1

8.Red: Carter Stauss, Unit 1

Clothing Construction-Senior

1.Grand Champion: Calley Gottebuet, Unit 22*

2.Blue: Shelby Essex, Unit 3

3.Blue: Randi Ponce, Unit 21

4.Red: Morgan Kromer, Unit 22

Artistic Clothing-Decorate Your Duds-Senior

1.Grand Champion: Morgan Kromer, Applied*

2.Blue: Randi Ponce, Stitched

Artistic Clothing-Decorate Your Duds-Intermediate

Grand Champion: Brielle Kromer, Stitched*

Fashion Revue-Clothing Construction-Senior

1.Grand Champion: Calley Gottbehuet – Selected for State Fashion Revue

2.Reserve Grand Champion: Shelby Essex

3.Blue: Morgan Kromer

4.Blue: Randi Ponce

Fashion Revue-Clothing Construction-Intermediate

1.Grand Champion: Logan Story

2.Reserve Grand Champion: Shyanna Maloney

3.Blue: Jenna Humphries

4.Blue: Brielle Kromer

5.Blue: Riley Kromer

6.Blue: Elizabeth Mendoza

7.Blue: Carter Stauss

Fashion Revue-Clothing Construction-Juniors

1.Grand Champion: Kenzie Cosper

2.Reserve Grand Champion: Annika Iverson

3.Blue: Linnea Iverson

4.Blue: Alessandra medrano

5.Blue: Ceily Patriacca

6.Blue: Evalynn Skiba

7.Blue: Hudson Stauss

8.Participation: Belle Boggs

Fashion Revue-Artistic Clothing-Senior

1.Grand Champion: Morgan Kromer

2.Blue: Randi Ponce

Fashion Revue-Artistic Clothing-Intermediate

Grand Champion: Brielle Kromer

Cloverbud completion:

1.Cassandra Boggs, Ceramic Tea Pots

2.Cayden Carthy, Lighting the Path to Fresh Tracks 4-H

3.Lincoln Carthy, Cupcakes

4.Nora Cummins, “How to Wax a Bow String” Display Board

5.C.J. Douglas, “How to Take Care of My Pig Rascal” Display Board

6.Alex Eicher, “How to Show A Pig”

7.Luca Ferzacca, Lego

8.Ashton French, Arrow Display Board

9.Wynter Kehoe, Mesa Verde Diorama

10.Alissa Palmiter, Rabbit Poster

11.Theodore Piliero, Homemade Arrow

12.Mia Piliero, Atlatl on a Windy Day, Book

13.Tovah Pollack, Horse Poster

14.Gunnar Schaub, Lego Police Ship

15.Sonya Schaub, Lego Summer Caravan

16.Tula Skulzacek, Lefse Making

17.Vespera Steiner, Clothing Construction

Eagle County Fair 4-H Booth: 4-H: The Power of Green

1.Cake Decorating

2.Furs & Feathers

3.Rocky Mountain

4.Sew What, Grand Champion

5.Sweetwater Bandits

6.Whistling Bullets

2015 Open Class Eagle County Fair & Rodeo


Grand Champion: Gail Muehlethaler

Participants: Alecz Adams, Anna Gerard, Anne Breckheimer, Chelsea Horn, Dee Dee Emmer, Lorie Everman, Karen Wood, Rena Horn


Alexandria Eichler, Grand Champion

Faythe Eichler, Reserve Grand Champion


Sponsored by Colorado State University Extension

Youth 3–4 years: Ophelia Boulton

Youth 5–7 years: Molly Froman

Youth 11–13: Brandie Cordova

Participants: Raelyn Barton, Clelia Basso, JP Brownback, Ruby Boulton, Avery Heck, Emmy Heck, Rileigh Heck, Ashlyn Wood


Sponsored by Eagle County Fair & Rodeo

1.Best “Dressed for the Fair” costume: Wilamina Young

2.Looks Most like Mom/Pop: MacKenzie Olson

3.Best Beach Wear Ensemble: Zoee Martinez

4.Best Hair Do: Bodhi Sean Dalton

5.Prettiest Smile: Kadyn Lammers and Cassidy Horn

6.Most Patriotic: Evan Jaques, Rhys Gerlack, Ornie Shepard

Participants: Aaliyah Baca, Tinslee Thatcher, Sierra Gross, Edith Kyser, Landon Baca

Horticulture and Garden Divisions sponsored by The Garden Center of Gypsum. Tracy Stowell won the $25.00 drawing.


Division 100 Flowers, 29 Exhibits

Grand Champion: Michelle Maloney, Shasta Daisies

Grand Champion Youth 11 – 13: Faythe Eichler, Gladiolas

Participants: Alexandria Eichler, Anna Gerard, Jackie Schlegel, Debra Ketterling, Dee Dee Emmer, Gail Muehlethaler, Karen Wood, Lucy Barker, Rena Horn, Rick McCain, Tina Russ, Tracy Stowell, Valerie Moskaluk

Division 100 Floral Arrangements, 5 Exhibits

Grand Champion: Tina Ward, Christmas Centerpiece

Melissa Sanchez, Paula Kline, Robin Sifers, Tina Russ

Division 200 Potted Plants, 5 Exhibits

Participants: Anne Breckheimer, Chelsea Horn, Rena Horn, Tina Russ


Division 300 Vegetables & Crops, 50 Exhibits

Grand Champion: Anna Gerard, Shallots

Reserve Grand Champion: Rich McCain, Turnips

Grand Champion Youth 8 – 10: Alexandria Eichler, Cucumbers

Grand Champion Youth 11 – 13: Faythe Eichler, Banana Peppers

Participants: Alecz Adams, Annie Egan, Autumn Russ, Dee Dee Emmer, Greg Kass, Jackie Schlegel, Laure Gongaware, Liz Gauthier, Lorie Everman, Lucy Barker, Michelle Maloney, Mike Devons, Rena Horn, Sarah Murray, Tina Russ, Tina Ward, Valerie Moskaluk


Division 400 Canned Fruits, 11 Exhibits

Grand Champion: Anna Gerard, Grapefruit

Reserve Grand Champion: Anna Gerard, Sweet Canned Cherries

Grand Champion Youth 14 – 17: Randi Ponce

Participants: Alecz Adams, Chas Bernhardt, Rena Horn

Division 500 Canned Vegetables, 9 Exhibits

Grand Champion: Anna Gerard, Tomatoes

Reserve Grand Champion: Anna Gerard, Mixed Vegetables

Participants: Karen Wood, Randi Ponce

Division 550 Canned Poultry, Meat, & Seafood, 2 Exhibits

Grand Champion: Anna Gerard, Turkey

Reserve Grand Champion: Anna Gerard, Pork Green Chili

Division 700 Jellies/Jams/Preserves, 25 Exhibits

Grand Champion: Chelsea Horn, Raspberry Jam

Reserve Grand Champion: Mary Witt, Triple Berry Jelly

Participants: Annie Breckheimer, Candy Wilson, Chas Bernhardt, Dee Dee Emmer, Diane Gress, Gail Muehlethaler, Jennifer Bearden, Lorie Everman, Lucy Barker, Randi Ponce, Rena Horn, Sandy Van Campen, Sarah Murray, Tina Ward

Division 800 Pickles & Spiced Products, 14 exhibits

Grand Champion: Lucy Barker, Zucchini Relish

Reserve Grand Champion: Sandy VanCampen, Pickled Beets

Grand Champion Youth 14–17: Randi Ponce, Spaghetti Sauce

Reserve Grand Champion Youth 14–17: Randi Ponce, Dill Pickles

Participants: Anna Gerard, Cody Ponce

•Lorie Everman

Division 900 Dried Foods, 1 Exhibit

Participant: Dee Dee Emmer


The Baked Goods Divisions were sponsored by The Red Canyon Café. Gail Muehlethaler won the gift certificate.

Division 1000 Breads, 11 Exhibits

Grand Champion: Anna Gerard, Coffee Cake

Reserve Grand Champion: Anna Gerard, Pumpkin Bread

Grand Champion Youth 14–17: Holly Ann Russ, Cornbread

Participants: Dee Dee Emmer, Debra Ketterling, Diana Gress, Janessa Petermann, Tina Russ, Tina Ward

Division 1100 Cookies, 15 Exhibits

Grand Champion: Susan Adams, Date Swirls

Reserve Grand Champion: Susan Adams, Citrus Ribbons

Grand Champion Youth 8–10: Columbine Wood, Smudge Bars

Reserve Grand Champion Youth 11–13: Shyanna Maloney, Chocolate Chip Cookies

Participants: Anna Gerard, Debra Ketterling, Janessa Petermann, Karen Wood, Kim Olson, Mary Witt, Rena Horn, Sarah Bevard-Glass, Vickie Olson

Division 1200 Cakes, 8 Exhibits

Grand Champion: Rena Horn, Tomato Soup Cake

Reserve Grand Champion: Anna Gerard, Carrot Cake

Grand Champion Youth

Participants: Charmayne Bernhardt, Chelsea Horn, Lorie Everman, Sarah Braucht, James Van Beek

Division 1200 Decorated Cakes, 2 Exhibits

Grand Champion: Gail Muehlethaler, Sewing Machine Cake

Reserve Grand Champion: Vickie Olson, Lady Bug Cake

Division 1300 Candies, 13 Exhibits

Grand Champion: Linda Taylor, Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Balls

Reserve Grand Champion: Rena Horn, Peanut Brittle

Participants: Anna Gerard, Anne Breckheimer, Chelsea Horn, Gail Muehlethaler, Karen Wood, Kindra Stiles, Rena Horn, Tracy Stowell

Division 1400 Pies and Other Baked Goods, 2 Exhibits

Grand Champion: Vicki Olson, Mixed Berry Hearts Pie

Participant: Sarah Murray

Division 1500 Good For Your Health, 4 Entries

Participants: Alecz Adams, Katie Russ, Lucy Barker, Mary Witt


Division 1600 Clothing, 7 exhibits

Grand Champion: Lorie Everman, Colonial Costume

Reserve Grand Champion: Man’s Hawaiian Shirt

Grand Champion Youth 11–13: Shyanna Maloney

Participants: Chelsea Horn, Gail Muehlethaler

Division 1700 Crochet, 11 Exhibits –

The Crochet Division was sponsored by The Alpaca Store; Anna Gerard won the $50 gift Certificate.

Grand Champion: Katherine Vogel, Southwest Style Market Bag

Reserve Grand Champion: Anna Gerard, Baby Blanket

Participants: Dee Dee Emmer, Kim Olson, Lisa Vasquez, Kim Olson, Vickie Olson

Special recognition to Golden Eagle Senior Center for their collective efforts to help those in time of need with displaying 15 crochet blankets.

Division 1800 Knitting, 11 Exhibits –

The Knitting Division was sponsored by The Alpaca Store; Deb Rosenquest won the $50 gift Certificate.

Grand Champion: Jenny Lorch, Sweater

Reserve Grand Champion: Deb Rosenquest, Shawl

Grand Champion Professional: Cass Galloway, Hand Dyed Hat

Participants: Amberly Renfroe, Amy Moreno, Donna Boley, Lori Everman, Mary Jane McEachron

Division 1900 Quilts, 10 Exhibits –

The Quilt Division was sponsored by The Glenwood Sewing Center; Mary Greenman won the strip pack of fabric.

Grand Champion: Charmayne Bernhardt, Hand Quilted Wedding Quilt

Reserve Grand Champion: Rena Horn, Apple Crisp Quilt

Grand Champion Youth 8–10: Maddie Fetterof, Machine Piece Quilted

Participants: Candy Wilson, Chris Ekrem, Isabel Thompson, Janet Bailey, Janice Wilson, Madelyn Pena, Mary Greeman

Division 2000 Needlework, 6 Exhibits

Grand Champion: Candy Wilson, Pillow Case

Reserve Grand Champion: Jacki Schempf, Hummingbirds

Participant: Sarah Kennedy, Tina Ward

Division 2100 Fiber Arts, 11 Exhibits –

The Fiber Arts Division was sponsored by The Alpaca Store; Alecx Adams won the wool fiber.

Grand Champion: Rena Horn, Thanksgiving Wall Hanging

Participants: Alecz Adams, Annie Breckheimer, Gabrielle Leonardo, Karen Wood, Katherine Vogel, Lorie Everman

Division 2200 Hobbies & Crafts, 22 Entries –

The Hobbies & Crafts Division was sponsored by The Nearly Everything Store; Owen Murray won the $50.00 Gift Certificate.

Grand Champion: Katherine Vogel, Peacock Messenger Bag

Grand Champion Professional: James Miller, Bow & Arrow

Grand Champion Youth 14 – 17: Bryce Muehlethaler, Wooden Bowl

Grand Champion Youth 14 – 17: Bryce Muehlethaler, Wooden Jewelry Box

Reserve Grand Champion Youth 11 – 13: Alec Murray, Marble Mania

Participants: Alecz Adams, Annie Breckheimer, Belle Boggs, Dee Dee Emmer, Gail Muehlethaler, Juan Pena, Ian Kelley, Katie Russ, Lorie Everman, Murray Owen, Nathan Vasquez, Tina Ward

Division 2300 Recycled Arts, 6 Entries

Grand Champion: Karen Wood, Mom’s Boots

Reserve Grand Champion Youth 14 – 17: Bryce Muehlethaler, Wooden Cutting Board

Participants: Anna Gerard, Charlotte Gongaware, Isabel Thompson

•Rena Horn

Division 2400 Holiday Section, 4 Entries

Grand Champion: Katherine Vogel, July 4th Rug

Reserve Grand Champion: Anna Gerard, Fall Wreath

Participants: Rena Horn, Janice Wilson

Division 2500 Photography, 175 Entries

Grand Champion: Lisa Vasquez, Minturn

Grand Champion: Shirley Welch, Generations

Reserve Grand Champion: Juan Pena, Bugs

Reserve Grand Champion: Juan Pena, Still Life

Professional Grand Champion: Brian Maloney, “Trying Not to Cry”

Professional Reserve Grand Champion: Sarah Bevard-Glass, Husky

Grand Champion Youth (11–13): Autumn Russ, Sunset with Mom

Reserve Grand Champion Youth (11–13): Autumn Russ, Colorful Scarfs

Adult Participants: Alecz Adams, Amber Moreno, Amy Moreno, Anna Gerard, Barbara Schweer, Brain Claydon, Chelsea Horn, Debra Ketterling, Diana Gress, Edie Lengel, Gail Gunion, Hannah Claydon, Haylie Lengel, Heather Quinn, Irene Olive, JoBeth Kested, Jon Lengel, Julie Claydon, Katie Russ, Kim Olson, Laura Claydon, Lorraine Vasquez, Mary Witt, Phyllis Ruder, Rena Horn, Robin Sifers, Shirley Welch, Taylor Claydon, Tina Ward, Vickie Olson,

Professional Participants: Abbie Rittmiller,

Youth Photography Participants: Holly Ann Russ, Madelyn Pena, Morgan Kromer, Macee Harris, Shelby Essex

Division 2600 Art, 23 Exhibits

Grand Champion: Shari Lock, Iris

Reserve Grand Champion: Barbara Holden, Acrylic Barn Horses

Grand Champion Professional: Charmayne Bernhardt, Watercolor Winter Scene

Reserve Grand Champion Professional: Sarah Bevard-Glass, Pencil, Black, Dog

Reserve Grand Champion Professional: Charmayne Bernhardt, Goshawk Feather Watercolor

Grand Champion Youth 8–10: Maddie Fetterolf, Old Fence Mixed Media

Reserve Grand Champion Youth 8–11: Gabrielle Leonardo, Ink & Paint Mixed Media

Grand Champion Youth 11-13: Charlotte Gongaware, Black Owl Pencil Drawing

Grand Champion Youth 14-17: Anna Gongaware, Black Zebra Pencil Drawing

Adult Participants: Irene Olive, Nathan Vasquez

Youth Participants: Addie Lengel, Charlotte Gongaware, Chuck Vogel, David Beaumont, Gabrielle Leonardo

Division 2800 Children’s Arts & Crafts (Children ages 7 and under), 52 Exhibits

Participants: Family Learning Center-48 entries, Hannah Rollins, Kayla Kelley, Krisha Wood .

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