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Say yes to Gypsum Fire

Gypsum Fire deserves a yes

My whole life, I have watched the Gypsum Fire Department serve the district.

As the area grew, so did the fire department in order to meet the needs of the community. The last few years, I have seen that same fire department “tighten their belt,” do without (as all of us have had to do), and use their savings in order to keep serving that community at the level they deserve, all the while hoping that property tax assessments would rebound. I have also seen the fire department start to worry over not being able to serve that community without the very hard task of asking for help.

A reduction in service is not a small thing. The extra 5 or 7 minutes it takes to get a volunteer or off-duty firefighter to the station before they can even leave in the truck to go to someone’s aid can make all the difference in the world in saving a house, or most importantly, a life. Staffing a firehouse is as important as having reliable equipment when arriving on scene to do their jobs well.

These hard-working men and women – who continually put their personal lives on hold, missing out on birthdays, school performances, family dinners and holidays in order to save someone’s house from a fire, help someone who just had a car accident, and largest of all, save a life – now need our help. How can we possibly say no?

Audra Meyers


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